What is a Q? A Q is Leader who takes responsibility for the Outcome. (Q1.1). This person can lead a workout, CSAUP, outreach group, or dinner club. Whatever his purpose, he controls the outcome.

If you have a question, comment or concern about a certain area of F3, please reach out to the Q best able to help you. Slack direct message preferred!

  • Nant’an: Ivan Batts | Sparky
  • Weasel Shaker: James Connolley | Beauty
  • Fitness Q (1st F): Eric Flynn | Steak Knives
  • Fellowship Q (2nd F):
    • Travis Hunter | Bonespur
    • Chris Diehl | Hoveround
  • Faith Q (3rd F):  Kyle Hussey | Hushpuppy
  • Q School Q:  Mark Johnson | Sooner 
  • FNG Q: Joe Merrill | Geiger
  • Website Q: Jared Nelson | Gump
  • Social Media/Comz Q: Heath Caddell | Snickers
  • Newsletter/Marketing Q: John Hinnant | Gravity
  • Treasurer: Andy Johnson | Dino
  • F3 CF Foundation Q: Johnny Lancaster | Donut
  • Nan’tans Emeritus:
    • Keith Miller | LETC 2014 – 2017
    • Chris Camp | Ugly Stick 2017 – 2018
    • Bill Pitt | Tom Sawyer 20192020

Q Calendar Below. Please DM Gump to get access to the Q Calendar > please note you have to go through Google Docs. You can also ask the Site Q (aka Master Q) to add you to the Q Calendar.