Date: 7-6-19

QIC: BoneSpur

AO- Bowspirit

Pax: Banshee, Deflate, Babe, WhiteBuffalo, Longboard, Fault, HuggieBear, Beaker, OldMaid and YHC.

10 pax showed up to receive a brutal beatdown in the humid gloom.

Warmorama- I took the opportunity during the workout to not only demonstrate some of our warm ups and the cadence but also invite PAX to conduct a warm-up in the proper F3 fashion

30 SSH

20 Imperial Walkers


Tha Thang-

We moseyed to the soccer field.

Starting at the sideline we did a ladder style workout with a run around the opposing sideline bench between each set. The ladder contains the following 7 exercises:

10 inchworm merkins

15 situp/combo jabs

20 superman merkins

25 Vups

30 plank jack’s

35 american hammers

40 shoulder taps

While most of us were pretty spent from this workout we still had about 20 minutes remaining . So we did a Dora style workout including 100 jump lunges , 125 sumo squats, and 300 LBCs with a run cycle to the opposing sideline and 10 dips on the bench. We finished with some Broga

CoT- Prayers for vacationers safe travel, Sooner and crew.