Date: 7-5-19

QIC: BoneSpur

AO- Leland

Pax: Snickers, Beretta, Cannoli, Jewel and YHC.

5 pax showed up to receive a brutal beatdown in the humid gloom.


30 SSH

20 Imperial Walkers

20 Sagi Sixes

Tha Thang-

We moseyed to the lawn by the back deck.

Starting at the deck we did a ladder style workout with a run around the playground between each set. The ladder contains the following 7 exercises:

10 inchworm merkins

15 situp/combo jabs

20 superman meekins

25 cups

30 plank Jack’s

35 american hammers

40 shoulder taps

We finished with some Broga

CoT- Prayers for Gravity’s Dad, Sooner and crew.