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Total count: 8

PAX: Sugar Rush, Bait and Switch, Bambi, THE HOFF, Flock Diesel, Buckeye, Liberty

FNGs: None

8 Pax for a burpee mile at Mamba Monday. Kicking off my one year F3 anniversary tour. 1 Mile run with 12 burpees every quarter mile. Followed by Bearpees, which is a 4 count bear crawl followed by a burpee. increasing the burpees while continuing the 4 count bear crawl. Did a little Mary before ending with a COT where we discussed what F3 has done for us.

Total count: 20

PAX: Pumpkin Pie Chart, Chop Shop, Manchester, BabyBack, ShowMe, Closer, EOM, sheepshead, Kopi Luwak, KamikazE, Yak, Red Hots, Wilson, fresh prince, WasntMe, ArmorAll

FNGs: Tuck-N-Roll, Under Siege

  • EC-Manchester- on path to MonTuGaThunder Ray!

-Visiting Pax from Virginia- Face Plant

Warm O Rama:

  1. Side straddle hops
  2. Pebble pickers
  3. Seal claps
  4. Pebble pickers
  5. Overhead claps

Thang 1: -speed bump build ups -do 5 Merkins. Do squats until everyone is done, then go to next bump and do 10 Merkins. Build up by 5’s until you get to 30 then build back down until you get to the end. -on way back do big boy sit ups same way. Do Carolina drydocks while waiting for everyone to get done. -205 Merkins and big boy sit-ups completed!

COT: -End it Ruck challenge and 10 Year Anniversary-Sign Up! -Tobytalk Thursday 7/29/21 6:30pm at Wild Wing Cafe -Toil for Toby- 7/31/21  7:30am until done. Complete honey to do list for Toby’s family. See post on mumblechatter. -Habitat for Humanity 7:45am to 2:00pm the third Saturday of each month. Next on 8/21/21. Location TBA. -Bits moving to Chick Filet at Mayfaire on Wednesday after workout. -Prayers- Armoralls engagement, Chop Shop pending adoption -Backblasts: do them new way. Type in /Backblast and press send. Brings you right to page to complete

Total count: 17

PAX: Dream Crusher, Wapner, letc, Thoracic, Hush Money, Gravity, cornstalk, blood donor, Sparky, Flight Nurse, Duckboat, Hushpuppy, Chinese Downhill, ATARI

FNGs: Selfie

17 PAX did a little inch worm on the beach this morning - with some awesome F2 coffeteria afterward at The Workshop.

Warmorama was copperhead squats IC, toy soldiers IC, arm circles and raise the roof IC, and motivators IC.

Fellowship mosey to the public dock parking lot where we did an escalator of groiners, line jumps, and jump squats.

Fellowship mosey to the beach where we inch-wormed parallel to the water line. Start in high plank, walk your feet forward into a downward dog position; do 2 Carolina dry docks, then walk your hands forward into a high plank position; do 2 merkins; then repeato....

Took a few pit stops from the inch-worm to do some sand angels IC, climb the rope IC, and more sand angels IC.

Plenty of inch-worm -- then an audible for a dip in the ocean.

Mosey back to AO

This Saturday do something: work with @10-count and @EOM to pick up the six at Toby's families home and work on the honeydo list; or follow @Gravity up to the Sasquatch ruck/workout at F3 ENC.

Invest in the relationship with your Ms and 2.0s. The greenest grass is the grass you water.

Total count: 14

PAX: Steak Knives, Salty, Nutella, Gerber, Airstream, Hahvard, U028HNXLSA3, Big Sky, Leroy Brown, Jiffy Pop (JP), Top Cheddah, Banjo

FNGs: Lightning McQueen (6)

Warmoramba: 20 x SSH, 20 x imp walkers, 10 x windmills, some stretchy stretchy.

Tabatta: KB weighted exercises. Each set is 8 x rounds, 30 seconds on, 10 seconds off. 2 min active rest in between. Active rest as in mosey around 1/2 of the parking lot. Today’s Tabatta consisted of:

  1. Russian KB swing
  2. KB snatch
  3. KB lawnmower pulls
  4. KB upright rows
  5. KB Tricep extension
  6. KB thrusters

One failed attempt at “Sally”…….sweaty fingers couldn’t get my Spotify to work on my “smart” phone. Boooooooo. It was 0616 anyway as pointed out by the pax, so maybe next time


Prayers for the families who have lost loved ones over this past weekend. Prayers of compassion for children of those who have passed. Amen.

Total count: 4

PAX: Amy Grant, Gasket, Birkenstock

FNGs: None

Warm o Rama SSH 1 burpee due to @gasket being late Abe begoda Gravel pickers Mamba night clubs

The thang YHC had a left over solo cup from the ???? MAMBA BLOCK PARTY???? filled with the goodness from Wednesday.  One Pax picks exercise from the cup. Mosey around Carolina Lake and stop at each pier. 25 reps at 1st pier, 20 at the next, then 15. Stop at the old glory island for 50 LBCs. 10 reps at the last pier.

YHC assured the PAX that He took the piece of paper that said burpees out of the cup because YHC simply did not want to do any more burpees.

1st lap The ever brave gasket selected the first piece from the cup which was squats. Upon reaching the second pier we were nearly attacked by a baby cormorant. He started flapping his wings but refused to leave his roost. Birkenstock noted that he was moving into the most famous karate move of all time. Before he could Danny Laruso us, We completed the exercise and got the heck out of there.

2nd lap The even more brave Amy grant selected smurf Jack’s 4 count. At the 2nd pier the baby cormorant remained steadfast. This time only a slight raising his wings to remind us whose pier this was. YHC thought he heard The duck call something in on a radio…but no. That’s crazy. He’s a duck.

3rd lap Birkenstock picked balls to the wall.

After putting our balls to the wall of the cormorants pier, he apparently had had enough. we left the pier and we’re nearly ambushed by the cormorant’s special forces team. The PAX noted something strange on the trail that had not been there before. Is it a dog? Is it a dead duck? Looks like a cat? Nope. It was alligator snapping turtle team 6 in a full ghillie suit. Luckily the PAX had picked up our pace because if he had 30 more seconds to get into position, one unluckily PAX was sure to have lost a foot.

After our close call, Birkenstock mentioned that maybe we had not done enough merkins. At old glory island we decided to not do LBC but instead perform 22 merkins to remember and honor the 22 veterans that take their own life every day.

After the last lap we did not have time for a 4th lap so YHC pulled two pieces of paper from the Mamba block party solo cup. One in each hand and asked @gasket to pick a hand. @gasket tried to trick YHC and looked at the left hand but said right.

YHC opened the folded paper from the right hand which read….. BURPEES. What!?!? How could this be!?!? YHC was sure that he took this out.

25 burpees OYO.

About half way through the burpees, YHC mention that he was sure that he took it out. @birkenstock reminded the PAX, that is how you get pregnant.

Mosey to AO. Circle pump of merkins to 100.

COT Prayers for @teacherspet and his family to have comfort and peace after the passing of his grandfather. Pray for @cowbell’s M for healing.

Exceptionally long backblast in honor of Teachers Pet and his family.

Total count: 42

PAX: O’Neil, Gump, Fiat (Brian Ecclesine), Bing, Beignet, Daniel Misuraca ( Yogi), Wahlburger, sir_mix_a_lot, Copperfield, Flight Nurse, SandMan, SOL, Vogue, niles, Sunrise, Dream Crusher, Snap-On, Busted Grill, Spotlight, Crockett, tinydancer, letc, Dizzy G, Chocolate Box, Spin Doctor, Spare Rib, Chinese Downhill, Mylittlepony, THE HOFF, overbite, Blue Steel, Beauty, Steak Knives

FNGs: Training Wheels, Baguette

Warmup Seal Clap IC x 30 (@Yogi was doing some strange dance) Gravel Pickers IC x 10 Imperial Walkers IC x 20 Merkin Progression: 10 Merkins, 10 Mountain Climbers, 10 Wide Angle Merkins, 10 Carolina Dry Docks, 10 Diamond Merkins.

Split into 2 lines and Indian Run to the real estate building.

Circle Up.  10 Tuck Jumps then 10 SSH (2 Rounds). I was planning on 3 rounds but doing those exercises and having to count left YHC sucking air.

Continue Indian Run to the beach.  

Get ready to get wet.  Line up in a straight line on the dune line interlocking arms. Together, lunge walk to the surf.  Everyone on your 6 in the surf for flutter kicks x 20 IC.  (YHC started to sound like a pubescent teenager because I had to yell to be heard over the crashing waves.)

Sprint back to the dune line and do 5 burpees.

Repeat lunge walk line to the surf.  Do 22 Merkins IC facing the ocean.  Run back to dune line and do 5 burpees

Repeat lunge walk to the surf and lay down for flutter kicks.  We only did 11 IC because YHC though he was going to pass out from yelling over the noise of the surf.  Run back to the dune line and do 5 burpees

Next exercise: Surfentine Crawl: Everyone line up in high plank facing the condos.  Leave space for a pax to crawl through.  Starting from the left, each pax bear crawls in a serpentine route through the line of pax until they got to the end of the line and then held high plank.  (@the Hoff and @Gump decided to army crawl under each pax).  

Thanks to @Vogue for calling YHC out for almost overlooking the rinse in the ocean before our run back to the AO.

After a quick regrouping at the real estate office where @Sir-mix-a-lot led the group in 50 of something terrible, the group ran back to the AO for a circle burp.  42 burpees were completed by each pax in just under 4 minutes.  

FNG’s we’re named.  Welcome Training Wheels and Baguette.  Prayers for @Sandman and the group of campers coming to NC this week.  TClaps for @The Hoff for completing his first novel.  See @Sir-Mix-a-Lot for a discount on the book ????.  Praises for Nightlight for his dedication to finish reading his book before school starts.  

Other pax that didn’t show up on the backblast template that were in attendance: Woolly Bugger, Aquaman, Nightlight, Bird’s Nest, Face Plant, Rainbow Bright, Quicksilver.

Thank you to all of the downrange Pax that attended today as well as FNG training wheels who was EH’d on the beach by @Flight Nurse.  

It was an honor to lead this incredible group of High Impact Men this morning.  I love you guys!!!  -Steak Knives Out

Total count: 8

PAX: Beaker, Ransom, Babe, White Buffalo, Worms, Southie, Phanatic, HumpDay

FNGs: None

WARMORAMA x25 SSH X15 PP X15 Mtn Climbers X15 M night clubs X10 CH squats

THANG mosey to the pull up bars -5 Rounds of 5 pull ups, 5 merkins, 5 burpees, 5 step ups (e leg) and 1 lap hugging the fence of the baseball field

  • On the baseball field, everyone takes a spot, 1B held high plank, 2B jump squat, 3B merkins, pitcher mountain climbers, catcher hold al gore and runner runs all the bases. When runner gets back home, rotate around so everyone has a round at runner

  • Pearls on a string following HumpDay for a serious of random exercises, eventually making it back to the parking lot

  • once back in lot, we did a coupon roundabout, while one person did a down/back sprint through the parking lot. Coupon rotations included Cindy’s, sandbag, KB, jump rope and med ball

  • 13 burpees to help southie get to 50 and then quick ring of Mary to finish up

  • COT and prayer requests.

Great morning at F3Topsail! -Humpday

Total count: 3

PAX: fonda

FNGs: None

Warm-o-rama: Gravel Pickers x 20 IC, Goofball x 20 IC, Toy Soldier x 15 IC

The Thang: We started our Pearls on a String beatdown by moseying to the parking lot at St. Theresa Catholic Church for a mini-Dora consisting of 50 Merkins, 100 squats, and 150 LBCs. 1 pax ran to the other side of the parking lot, did 1 burpee and ran back to flap jack with the next pax.

Then we moseyed to Carolina Yacht Club for 11s consisting starting with 10 burpees and 1 Merkin.

We moseyed to Hanover Seaside Club for an escalating 4-corners beatdown consisting of 20 Merkins, 50 Squats, 100 LBCs, and 10 burpees.

We moseyed back to the Public docks for a quick dip and COT.

COT: Prayers for YHC's 2.0 Jaguar ???? who gave himself a concussion by skateboarding without a helmet yesterday.

Total count: 4

PAX: HumpDay, Shakedown, OTC

FNGs: None

Short stretching warmup followed by four segments, 10 minutes each.

1st segment: 10 minute slow mosey.

2nd segment: Strides across the front of the school followed by a 1 minute jog back across.

3rd segment: 10 round of 10 second sprint and 50 second rest.

4th segment: 20 of an exercise followed by mosey around parking lot for cool down. Each PAX picked an exercise for four rounds. Exercises were Merkins, Suitcases, Carolina Dry Docks and Flutter Kicks.

COT: Prayers for Shakedown's dad with Merca

Prayers for OTC and his family's trip to Maine for vacation.

It was a pleasure and an honor to lead these men! BabyBack OUT!!

Total count: 6

PAX: Kramer, Sugar Rush, Allman Joy, Buckeye, Flock Diesel

FNGs: None

6 moseyed to Green field lake park from Legion Stadium post warmoramma

Partner up for Circle Pump 100 merkins cumulative

Mosey to skate park In bowl: Bear crawl to incline merkin Crawl bear to decline merkin Sets of 10 to 100

Mosey to parking lot Ascending squats by 10 on every other parking line.

Mosey back to “the Legion (Stadium) of Gloom” for nameoramma and COT

COT: Pop up at Maides Park next Saturday July 31, probable Battle of the Bridge???

Safe travel to all the traveling pax

Total count: 6

PAX: Brady, Cowbell, Gasket, Regis

FNGs: Snap shot


SSH Merkins Arm circles

Wall sits

The Thang

Dora 100 LBC 200 4 count flutter 300 heal to heaven


Merkin pyramid


Welcome FNG snap shot

Prayers for cowbells M

Total count: 12

PAX: Banjo, minecraft, Price is Right, Busted Grill, SOL, tinydancer, Gerber, Jiffy Pop (JP), Pony Express, SockPuppet, Vespa, Pixel Pusher

FNGs: None

Warm-O-Rama: 20 SSH - IC 10 Goofballs - IC 10 Chainbreakers - IC 10 Moroccan Nightclubs - IC

Thang: Speed bump tour from AO to pull-up bars 20 Monkeyhumpers 10 Merkins 10 Pickle Pumpers 10 J-lo’s End with Mary till all finish

To Goose Poop Island 10 single leg peeping toms 10 step-ups Run up steps and back 20 single leg peeping toms 20 step-ups Run up steps and back 30 double leg peeping toms 30 step-ups Run up steps and back Then back down the ladder

50 Freddy Mercury’s

To the baseball field for some barefoot toe walking and heel walking in the outfield grass

Back to the AO

Prayers for all the PAX battling injuries. Prayers of thanks for 50 years and the strength, friendship and wisdom that God has provided through F3.

Until next time, Pixel Pusher

Total count: 16

PAX: Steak Knives, Flight Nurse, Parrot Head, niles, Goat, Circuit breaker, Milton, U028HNXLSA3, letc, SEAHORSE, NAPA, Leroy Brown, Big Sky, Dixie Chick, Tom Sawyer, last

FNGs: None

Unbelievable, 16 Pax showed up for a beatdown at the Fuel Depot. And to think we just started this AO a few weeks ago. At this pace, we'll need to start another ruck AO next month.

Parrot Head right away called me out on the weight of my sandbag, and he was probably right. I'll be sure to be up to F3 code by next week.


Baby Arm Circles 10x each way IC Imperial Walkers x 10 IC Gravel Pickers x 10 IC


Lunge Press, Push and Pull

Pax took their ruck off and held it while they did 4 lunges, stopped, and then did 5 overhead presses, 5 push presses, and 5 upright rows. Rinse and repeat to the end of the parking lot and back.

Sandbag Ladder

We moseyed to the tennis courts and put our rucks back on. We then each carried our sandbag to the end of the court and back where we did 1 merkin, 1 squat, and 1 burpee. We did ascending reps to 5.

We all then rucked around LLP with our sandbags and made it back to the AO at exactly 6:15.

Mary: No time


Once again, couldn't be happier to see 16 Pax show up for the Depot. It's inspiring to work out with all the Pax and look forward to the ruck expansion in Cape Fear.

Napa - Do they sell dog rucks? Niles - "Walk on the Ocean" will be on the next ruck soundtrack Steak Knives - Thanks for the company on the EC ruck and best of luck with your new Amish friends
Last - I've never seen somebody miss the entire Warm-o-Rama Milton - Impressive "nipping" after today's beatdown, can't wait for our next workout together Wowo - Happy 22nd! And sorry that you had to hear me sing this morning. LETC - Does this mean that you are now a rucker?
Tom Sawyer - Can you still bench 315? Big Sky - Hope your boob is feeling better Seahorse - Thank you for saving me 15% on all of my GoRuck purchases. My wife still flipped out. Leroy Brown - Can I call you Jermone?
Flight Nurse - Good luck with the job search Parrot Head - I'll bring a scale to our next workout

Proud to lead!

DC out

Total count: 6

PAX: Green Thumb, Jiffy Pop (JP), Nutella, Bada Bing, Hahvard

FNGs: None


SSH Pebble picker Arm circles Military press Butterfly

Mosey run

The Thang: 4 corners 29 merkins Broad jump 29 Carolina dry dock Sprint 29 LBC Bear crawl 29 4 count flutter kick Karaoke

Then complete in reverse. X4 sets

Circle up merkin pyramid Mary

Total count: 2

PAX: Goat

FNGs: None

Mosey around Downtown.

Sparse turnout at Battleship. Many thanks to @Goat for coming out and keeping YHC accountable…..otherwise it would have been coffee and 3 x honeybuns (retired tankers favorite chow!) for this morning.

Skipped Warmsyupsy to assist a stranger in need of assistance. Quite a bit of folks in need these days… should always be prepared to lend a hand, or render assistance….if not you, who else?

The Thang……

Mosey down to Fancy hotel on the water (Hilton? I can never remember), and do 7’s in the courtyard (need to come up with a fancy name). Merkins and LBCs. Mosey over to PPD building, Mosey up and down the hill 3X. Mosey over to @Heisenberg stairs/The Arena… a ladder with Merkins and laps. Target was 10 Merkins and 10 laps, but just got to 8 and 8 at time. Mosey on back to AO.

Prayers and COT.

Drug addiction/substance abuse is probably the biggest problem we have locally and as a country. It’s absolutely devastating to not only the individual, but to the immediate family, and it leaves scars on parents, siblings, and children. Prayers for all those who are struggling and especially the families, because it’s not easy for them either. Prayers for your first responders and military. Amen.

Total count: 13

PAX: SOL, Kix, Trump, Ugly Stik, Spare Rib, sir_mix_a_lot, Kryptonite, Airstream, Pony Express, Goober, Spandex, smallthings, Pixel Pusher

FNGs: None

Warm-O-Rama: 10 Toy Soldiers IC 10 Goofballs IC 10 Windmills IC

The Thang: Run down Lake Ave to Lincoln Forest, to Alderman Elementary, down cross city trail to Live Oak bank and around the lake trail and back out to Shipyard Blvd, past Hoggard HS to the Shufflers Center trail, across College Rd, narrowly missing a head-on collision with McFly’s vehicle in the cross walk, and back to the AO.

Moleskin: Prayers for SOL’s continued recovery and healing. Safe travels for Goober and Left Turn and a good father son adventure hike. And for McFly…

Until next time, Pixel Pusher

Total count: 13

PAX: Hushpuppy, 10 count, Dream Crusher, U0289D8BZK8, Frosty Pupil, Yak, GTA, Magnito, Price is Right, blood donor, ShowMe, Wilson

FNGs: None

Warm Up- Quickly ran to the end of the parking lot and back, rolled out the shoulders/did some leg kicks, skips, etc

REPS PER SET 15,15,12,12,10,10,8,7,6,5

  1. Bicep Curls
  2. Good Mornings
  3. Front Raise (Over the head)
  4. Wood Choppers (Over each shoulder)
  5. Front Lunge
  6. Halo’s (Around the head – Each way)
  7. Bent Over Rows
  8. Oblique Twists (Keeping plate OFF the body!)
  9. Overhead High Knees
  10. Shoulder Press
  11. Run Parking Lot at full intensity.

Total count: 19

PAX: Geiger, Hush Money, Cheese Whiz, tinydancer, Special K, Dumbledore, letc, Gandalf, Gasket, Gravity, Heisenberg, Kramer, Tom Sawyer, Flock Diesel, Caliseaum, wowo, Sugar Rush, Jewel, Brick City

FNGs: None

13 pax ran the RiverWalk to the new Amphitheater and completed 5 burpees on the stage then ran hills on the way back. 6 pax rucked around the Cotton Exchange. We all returned to the AO

Prayers for WFD Curt Martin, suffered a stroke on the job.

Total count: 10

PAX: Goober, Leroy Brown, Banjo, SOL, Chernobyl, Snooki Number 2, Big Sky, Salty, Spandex

FNGs: None

10 PAX woke up with some bar action at LLP this morning.


  • SSH IC
  • toy soldiers IC
  • arm circles and raise the roof IC

Moseyed to pull up bars. Then worked as partners to keep the count right and each completed:

  • 20 merkins
  • 20 bonnie blairs
  • 20 sit ups
  • 5 pull ups And repeated for 5 rounds.

Then continued with our partner and each completed:

  • 10 merkins
  • 10 jump squats
  • 10 v ups
  • 10 chin ups And repeated for about 4 rounds.

Moseyed back to AO with music and finished up with some Motivators.

Prayers for Mrs King and family; and for patience and intention as we interact with our M's, our 2.x's and those we love. The relationships we have with those of our inner concentrica will wither and fail if we take them for granted. They need creative and intentional care. @SOL with some good advice this morning about giving your teenage 2.x some space to be their own person.

Total count: 9

PAX: UCB, Circuit breaker, Cowbell, Brady, Regis, Gasket, Beaufort, Coffee Break

FNGs: None

Warm up SSH Merkin Leg stretch Pebble pickers

Move to the Wall Wall snow angels Ball to wall shoulder taps

Mosey to stage 1 merkin on the minute add a rep (Shout out to YHC and Beaufort forgetting to 26 reps Before I cut it off so we could do murder bunnies)

Once you couldn’t complete an Merkins you did 29 murder bunnies down and 29 back

Total count: 7

PAX: BabyBack, Flight Nurse, Allman Joy, Dumbledore, Oaken, Bambi, NAPA

FNGs: None but EH a work on foot commuter

530 start around The Tree 25 SSH 25 SSH that’s right 25 CH Squats 25 Plank jacks

Thang 1 4 Cindy’s and a bar were taken to Kings Landing at RSP. PAX circled up and 1 PAX in the center did 10 upright rows while the others held plank. Next round curls. BabyBack blew our minds with the info of a FIA PaX holding plank for 16 mins ???? Next we did 10 Plyomerkins on 2 cindies while the others held Al Gore.

Thang 2 Each PAX got a Cindy and headed to the parking lot next to the tennis courts for some draw pain. We drew cards and did various workouts with shuttle runs between each. Murder bunnies, man makers, thrusters, wall-sit with Cindy, wipers, get off me, etc

Mosey back to AO

Total count: 7

PAX: Pony Express, Kix, Dogwood, Lightning, Gerber, Crockett

FNGs: None

Warm-o-Rama Good Mornings IC x 5 Gravel Pickers IC x 10 Hillbillies IC x 20 Windmills IC x 10 Copperhead Squats IC x 10 —————————— Mosey to the patio behind the activity center

Albatross Arms Do a variety of arm exercises without stopping until your arms burns like crazy. ————-

Squat Hold and Plank circle Circle up. 1 pax will lunge walk around the circle while other pax hold squat. When lunging pax finishes one full lap, the next pax will lunge walk. All other pax will shift to high plank. Repeat until all pax take a trip Around the circle. ————-

Mosey to the circle by the entrance to the park. Kicks, lightning and I were all carrying rocks or weight vests. All other packs picked up the sand bag or a coupon from the rock pile.

3 pax Casualty Carry one pax from one island to the other on the far side of the parking lot. Remaining packs distributed the additional weight and carried the load to the other island. 5 steps and a squat, rinse and repeat until around the circle

Casualty Carry a different pax to the first island. All other packs distributed weight and carried extra load to the island. 5 steps and a merkin , rinse and repeat until around the circle

Go until time is up..

COT: prayers for teachers pet, Rafiki and for though people of Cuba

Thanks to all the men of F3 for a great push and incredible fellowship this morning! Go out and pick up the 6 in your life that needs your support. -Steak Knives out

Total count: 19

PAX: Spotlight, overbite, wowo, Beauty, Thoracic, tinydancer, Busted Grill, Chinese Downhill, Bob Dole, Manchester, Sunrise, The Dude, ATARI, Gravity

FNGs: FNG Bronco, Pork chop, Bird’s nest, Sea Tow

The gloomidity was in full force. Lots of sweat and mumblechatter pre-warmorama.

Warmorama - A few seal claps, gravel pickers, and imperial walkers.

Mosey to WBUMC for 3 rounds of 10 derkins, 20 ski jumps, 30 LBCs.

Mosey to Stone St to get sandy. 11s. Prisoner squats at edge of dunes. Surfees in the water. A round of Jack Webb. Dip in the ocean. Back to the flag.

A couple of pax had prayers to vocalize. All had prayers on the heart. Tclaps to WoWo for getting FNG Bronco ITG. What an amazing way to start the day?! Sweat, sunrise, sand, waves, and brotherhood.

It was an honor and a pleasure to lead. -LETC out

Total count: 12

PAX: Blue Steel, flounder, Trump, Airstream, letc, Spandex, tank, Chinese Downhill, Dream Crusher, Goober, Hush Money

FNGs: None but we EH some runners

Warmaroma 25 seal claps 25 CH squats 25 plank jacks 35 merkins

Ran over Banks Channel to the Coast Guard station went out on the beach on the last access ran the beach chasing birds around the inlet to Stone St and then back to the AO 5 miles round trip

Total count: 9

PAX: Offering Plate, OTC, HumpDay, Dizzy G, Crockett, Stuart Little, Mittens

FNGs: None

Little warmorama then a “Break the SlamBall” rotation of all things legs ????. Each round PAX completed the single exercise- while PAX took a turn attempting to break the SlamBall with 5 slams. Alas we were unsuccessful.

Exercises were: Squats , Lunges, Bobby Hurleys ????⛹️, Calf raises????, Monkey Humpers ????????, and Hillbillies ????.

We then moved on to a rotation of exercises while attempting to make a 20-30 yard football pass to avoid additional Merkins.

Exercises included- jump rope, alternating shoulder press, curls, triceps, grave diggers, and the Slamball.

Let’s just say we did a lot of Merkins and none of us will be making the Panthers practice squad anytime soon.

PAX finished the workout with some wall sits, balls to the wall, and a few core exercises.

Closed with prayers for friends and family with health concerns and those in Cuba (and around the world) seeking freedom.


Total count: 2

PAX: Dumbledore

FNGs: None

A little lonely this morning at DDC with Dumbledore and YHC. All of Devilz 10 with nobody else to share it with.

Warmoramba: SSHs, Windmill and Gravel pickers

Devilz 10: circuit weight based exercises conducted ARAP timed by a water boy range walking some Jerry cans a set distance. Rotate between Jerry cans shuffle and lifting weights. We did a lot of Jerry can shuffling.


  1. tractor tire flip
  2. deadlift
  3. dumbbells shoulder press
  4. KB swing
  5. KB Tricep extension
  6. curls
  7. Block thrusters
  8. KB snatch
  9. Mercian hammer w/ KB
  10. sandbag press 10+) brick flies 10+) Uber Merkins 10+) potpourri

Solid woRk till 615.

COT…….where is everyone?

Milton, out.

Total count: 6

PAX: Circuit breaker, Steak Knives, Red Hots, Jewel, Bosley

FNGs: None

Warm o Rama SSH Arm circles Military Press Overhead Arm Clap Butterfly

Run to CFCC stairs

The thang (turning 29 on Thursday

29 Burpees Run up and down stairs 28 burpees Run up and down stairs Rise and repeat till 0610 (I think steak knives got to 19)

Mosey back to the AO

Mary Announcements COT/ BOM

Total count: 16

PAX: Manchester, Snooki, Heisenberg, Gravity, Goat, Big Sky, tinydancer, Pixel Pusher, wowo, Tom Sawyer, SOL, Caliseaum, Bob Dole, Flight Nurse

FNGs: Sea Tow was there... Bob Dole, get him on Slack!

Warm-o-Rama Side Straddle Hop x 15 Windmill x 10 Mountain Climber x 10 Gravel Pickers x 10

The THANG 4 PAX took the Ruck for a hike around campus, while 12 PAX went for a run, accompanied by 2 Puppers. We moseyed the Cross-city trail to the back side of campus and along Rose Ave. As the Cross-city trail turns down Rill Rd., we stayed straight on Mallard Dr. At the first, left, runners turned onto Clear Run Dr. We remained on Clear Run until it hits College Acres. PAX turned left, again, and ran until College Acres meets Racine Dr. This brought us back to campus by the water towers. We moseyed between buildings and water fountains until we made it back to Lot M. Some PAX stayed in the lot for some broga, others went to the parking deck for one last run up the stairs and back down. All returned to the Lot, unscathed, and the runners achieved between 4.5 and 5 miles.

Prayers for Rafiki, we miss you in the gloom and pray you are doing well. Hope to see you soon! Prayers for Hush and his son. Tom Sawyer has the Q at Baywatch on Saturday. He is requesting that just 1,000 PAX show up for his beatdown, that’s it… let’s make it happen!

Always an honor and a privilege to lead a fine group of HIMs.


Total count: 7

PAX: Hoosier Daddy, Matt Foley, Rawhide, Dogwood, Lightning, Le Pew

FNGs: None

Warm-o-Rama Good Mornings IC x 5 Hillbillies IC x 20 Windmills IC x 10 Copperhead Squats IC x 10 ——————————

POAS (Pearls on a String)

Mosey with the sandbag to set points around Veterans Park and the Schools. At set points, we will do exercises. Sandbag always stays at front of the line. Trade off when tired

  1. Run to Speed Humps for a set of Killer Bees. Bear Crawl 100 ft. Broad Jump Back to start. Every 5 broad jumps, stop and do 3 burpees. .
  2. Run to pull-up bars for a round of Pull-up Indian Planks. One pax does max pullups while remaining pax alternate between high and low plank as each new pax attempts pullups. Repeat for a second round doing Dips
  3. Run to Flamers wall for 5 rounds of crazy earbuds. Start in bear crawl position facing the wall. Crawl Bear out 5 paces, perform 5 Merkins, bear crawl back to the wall. Do a handstand against the wall and while in handstand position, do 5 vertical Merkins. Repeat 5 times.
  4. Run to the center shelter by baseball fields. Partner up and do 3 rounds of Coyote Ugly each. Starting in a wheel barrow position with partner, PAX will start on the ground and step up to picnic table 'seat' with their hands , complete 1 Merkin, step up to top of the 'table' , 1 Merkin, step down to the 'seat', 1 Merkin, step down to the ground, 1 Merkin. That completes 1 rep. Goal is 3 reps, then switch with Partner for 3 rounds.
  5. Run back to AO for circle of pain. Pax in the middle does 10 clean and presses with the sandbag. All other pax rotate between Al Gore and high plank as each new pax does c&p.

Total count: 16

PAX: Leroy Brown, Red Hots, black magic, Gerber, Top Cheddah, Mr. T, Big Sky, Airstream, Bo-Time, wowo, ATARI, Goat, Spandex, Nutella, Jiffy Pop (JP)

FNGs: None

Warmborambo: SSH, Windmill, Gravelpickers

The Thang: Tabatta. All KB exercises, 30 seconds “on” 10 seconds “off” for 8 rounds, separated by 2 minutes of active rest. Active rest consists of mosey 1/2 lap around parking lot (full lap was cutting too close to start of next round). The tabatta s consisted of the following:

  1. KB swing (Russian style)
  2. Lawnmower pulls
  3. KB snatch
  4. Tricep extension/Tricep curl
  5. Upright row
  6. KB thrusters

End with “last man standing” Sally.

COT: Words of insight from Goat, show grace to others despite their political or philosophical differences. What makes America the best country on the planet is our differences and that we all part of this great country and we are children of God.

Prayers of comfort to those out there who have experienced a loss of a loved one recently, and prayers of healing for those out there that are presently suffering. In this we pray Amen.