Tiny Desk Concert (kind of)

Date: 3/24/21

AO: 43′

QIC: The Hoff

Conditions: Warm, fair, no precip.

17 PAX: Kramer, Gravity, Circuit Breaker, Snickers, Bambi, Goofy, FNG Old English, Southie, Sugar Rush, Special K, Gen X, Flock Diesel, Foo Foo, Drop Kick, NAPA, Gasket, YHC

Warmorama: Mountain pose and alternating wide leg stretches

The Thang: Ruckers took off headed in direction of downtown with ample leadership at the front! Runners took off toward downtown, too, with YHC pushing the pace. Headed straight down Front Street, ending up at Cape Fear Community College where Pax partnered up for some interval training using the distance of one square block. One Pax run, while the other planks X3. Push to Third Street for a brief, impromptu Tiny Desk Concert by YHC on the bongo drums out in front of the public library. (Lucky me, no ticket for disturbing the peace.) Head up to Fifth Avenue, take right and hustle over to corner of Fifth and Market. Face Bellamy Mansion and complete 5 standard merkins, super fast. On your feet. Take right, head down Market St., sprinting from Third Street to waterfront. Left at foot of Market/waterfront onto riverwalk for two 10-second intervals of pick-me-ups. Up HUGE hill at Pilot House (ugh), then right on Front Street back to Dram Tree Park AO. Arrive in column formation *exactly* at 0615. Go get the ruckers!

COT: One positive/one negative from the run: high degree of motivation, next time get to 5 miles. Prayers for immediate and/or extended family of Pax recovering from illness or injury. Prayers for all who serve and protect our nation. YHC offered a reading from The Teaching of Buddha on the different roles most of us play at some point in life: parent, student and teacher. What responsibilities come with these roles, and how are they best performed? YHC, for example, has a high school senior at boarding school who has re-entered the home because of illness — YHC must now manage (parent), listen (student) and supervise (teacher) in a new way under new circumstances. What is YHC’s intention in each of these roles? And how do they unfold? For answers to these questions, stay tuned. Snickers closed out COT with prayer. Special thanks to Drop Kick and Circuit Breaker for helping YHC lead and direct the men.


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