Nature Chaser

Date: 03/22/2021

AO: Gator Hole

Pax: Blart, Cookout, McNally, Pixel Pusher, and SOL

QIC: Redline

The Thang:

Great start of EC being greeted by the one and only BLART! We took a little stroll through Willow Glenn to check on Cookie take on a couple hills of the course and heading back to pick up the rest for a 530 start no warm up need just begin the mosey. We ventured into Mott’s Landing where a couple deer showed us just how slow we are but we chased them back to their gated community. The wind was pushing but we pushed back and onward through to the next neighborhood of IDK. Without getting lost we mosey on back to take on a quick lap around Bellamy’s kiddie track to help our ego.


BLART’s BACK BABY! Celebrations continue on throughout the week! Southern Ultra, March Madness Marathon(in April), and EPO’s HollyRidge run happening back to back weekends in April it’s gonna be EPIC. TCLAPS to Poney Express, EPO and Heisenberg for this past weekends craziness. Strong work!

Thanks for the opportunity to lead and making this a great start to the day. Go forth and conquer it!

Redline out


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