Date: 3.11.21

AO: 43 Feet

QIC: Smuckers

Number of PAX: 20

PAX: Special K, Crosswalk, Sooner, Goofy, Snickers, Foo Foo, Chuckles, Brick City, Rhombus, Sleeper, Napa, Road Warrior, Kramer, Dynamite, Flock Diesel, Alman Joy, Dumbledore, Sugar Rush, Baby Back, Smuckers

4 mile run through downtown with particular emphasis on your life holistically.At 6 particular destinations we’ll be discussing goals and dreams for various categories of life including: serving, financial, career, physical, relational and spiritual.

Warmup – Side Straddle Hops

Workout – Run 


  • “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Proverbs 29:8
  • Don’t just work in your life, work on your life.
  • Do you have a vision? Do you have a dream?
  • It’s decisions, not intentions, that  produce your destination.  

CATEGORY #1–Service (Water Front Picnic Shelter on Riverwalk)

  • It’s more blessed to give than receive. 
  • The greatest kind of person is one who serves – serving is when you add value to other people’s lives. 
  • What’s your dream for serving others?

CATEGORY #2 – Financial (First Bank @ 2nd & Market St.)

  • “The love of money is the root of all evil.” 1 Timothy 6:10 (IDOLATRY)
  • “A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children.” Proverbs 13:22 (GENERATIONAL WEALTH)
  • Are you more concerned about luxury or legacy?
  • What’s your dream for financial health?

CATEGORY #3 Career/Vocational (PPD)

  • You will spend over 50% of your waking hours doing one thing…do you know what that is? 
  • It’s working.
  • Work is worship.
  • Work isn’t something to just get through. 
  • I understand there is a lot of value in a paycheck…providing is a good thing. 
  • But you don’t want to spend over 1/2 of your waking hours just living for a paycheck…
  • Don’t just work for a paycheck, work for a passion.
  • What’s your dream for career/vocational health?

CATEGORY #4 Physical Health (Med North on 4th St.)

  • Your mental, physical, relational, financial health is no good without one other area of your health being strong. 
  • Physical health
  • Your body will either be a causality or a catalyst.
  • What’s your dream for physical health?

CATEGORY #5 Relational/Family (Bellamy Mansion on 5th Ave)

  • It doesn’t matter how much money you have or how many degrees you have or how many square feet you have or how low your handicap is if you can’t do life in meaningful relationships.
  • By definition, a relationship is a compromise. 
  • You can skip through the parking lot on your own, or you can skip through the parking lot holding hands with someone who matters to you. 
  • However, to it with someone requires compromise…you’ll have to give up some things to do it together, but it’s better together than alone. 
  • What’s your dream for relational health?

CATEGORY #6 Spiritual (Basilica of St. Mary’s on 5th Ave)

  • You are not an accident. 
  • Your existence was not a mistake. 
  • The fact that you exist is a miracle. 
  • You aren’t here just to consume oxygen. 
  • You were made with purpose. 
  • You were made with design and intentionality. 
  • Your life matters.
  • You are much more than physical matter.
  • You are a spiritual being. 

End @ AO


Prayer Requests: Continued prayer for @Crosswalk’s mother; Prayer for @Babyback’s wife (Stephanie) with back injury.

Closing Prayer


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