33 Years of Marriage

Date: 3/11/21

AO: Break Point

QIC: Sparky (R)


42 deg, clear, cool, beautiful

PAX: R-X, Uff-Da, Dairy Queen, Big Sky, BoogieMan, Sea Horse, BottaBang (R), Fixer Upper, Fire Marshal Bill, Jiffy Pop, No Scrubs, Bubble Boy, FullerBrush, Song Bird, Mayham, GOAT, (R), Green Thumb

Welcome to F3 I am Sparky and your Q for today.  I am not a professional so modify for injury not effort.

“Mission of F3 is to Plant, Grow and Serve small workout groups for men, for the invigoration of male community leadership”

5 Core Principles of F3:

  1. Free of charge
  2. Open to all men
  3. Held outdoors, rain or shine, hot or cold
  4. Lead by men participating in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training necessary
  5. End in a Circle of Trust


Imperial Walkers X 20 IC

Moroccan Nightclub X 20 IC


Copperhead Squats X 10 IC


Indian Run

Ruckers run forward/ Non-rucks run backward

First person in line peels off, Rucker – 5 Merkin, Non-Rucker – 20 Merkins as the line passing, once complete join the back of line and yell, “six” Next person peels off.  We did this to the picnic shelters

At the picnic shelters:

  • Decline Merkin,  10 – Rucker, 20 – Non Rucker, Backward Lunge around shelter
  • Incline Merkin, 15 – Rucker, 30 – Non Rucker, Side Lunge around shelter
  • 20 Step-ups – Rucker, 20 – Box Jumps – Non-Ruckers, Side lunge around shelter, flap jack sides from previous.

Mosey to parking lot

Corner 1 – 10 – Hand Release Merkins

Corner 2 – 20 – Lt. Dans

Corner 3 – 30 – Imperial Squat Walkers

Corner 4 – 40 – Plank Jacks (SC)

Story Time:

YHC told story about first marriage failed, not have God in the relationship. 

Read: Eph. 22-33

DORA – Partners/Partners – 2 Pairs

Pair one did exercise, Pair 2 rans to end of parking lot and back, switch with Pair 1 and continued count

(Discussion question within the pairs was, “Why women today are so reluctant/un willing to submit to husband”

100 – Merkin

200 – Mountain Climbers (SC)

300 – Flutter Kicks (SC)

Had to call audible and head back to AO

YHC ask anyone wanted to share, YHC shared thoughts on the question.  If men love their wives like Christ loved the church and love their wives like they love themselves, women would want to submit and follow their husbands.

Question:  YHC ask, in a relationship how much should each person give?  The answer is 100%-100% NOT 50%-50%


Prayers for Boogie Mans Dad that has cancer, his recent divorce, and his job opportunity

Continued prayers for Mr. T’s dad

Prayers for Dairy Queen’s boss with RSV

Prayers for Fullerbrush’s having knee pain

Prayers for Sea Horse’s MIL cancer back, and just all the people in his family that has/had cancer and just to be with his whole family

Prayers for the passing on Crep Faces Dad

Prayers for our leaders, first responders and first line workers.


  • At the shelter after the first round, YHC saw group at other shelter standing after the first round. YHC informed them, even thought there was picnic tables close by, we were not on a picnic, we are doing 3 rounds.  This started some mumblechatter and about the smart comment from YHC but everyone got back to work, but had to call audible after 2nd round.
  • Had the cool runners from the turtle club come running up.  As they were coming up, BP group sang happy birthday to Hoveround.  Then we all joined in singing the National Anthem.
  • Had lots of good conversation best I can tell in the groups during DORA especially.
  • It was great for YHC to see a lot of new faces, making me wish I could get to more different AO’s more often.  F3 Cape Fear is growing so much and we are making an impact. 
  • Keep giving it away men.

As always its and honor and privilege to lead such a fine group of HIM.



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