All Hills, No Gators

Date: 03/08/2021

Pax: Stouffer’s, Teacher’s Pet, RX, Chuckles, Cookout, Spare Rib, and Watch Dog

Q: Redline

Warm up: None, too cold.

The THANG: It was a clear, starry, and crisp 30 degree morning when YHC was greeted by TP and Stouf for their down painment of EC. Strong push by Stouff after this past weekend’s date with Butter de Paula Dean down in dirty Myrtle. 5:30 met up with the crew and continue moving legs. Mumble chatter always great when you have Chuckles and TP at a workout. I think we hit most of the hills within the Beau. We happen to pass by a couple fartsacking PAX houses…for the record no personal property was harmed in the making of this workout….this time. Motivated!! Continued on through golf course for a strong finish back at school cause we can always learn something new.

COT: All is good down south with the boys, reminders for hat order, the half and EPO’s Holly Shelter run coming in April. We all expressed our gratitude and compassion for the BUCHA. Go forth and conquer the day men!

Redline out


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