The Long & Winding Road

Date: 3 / 4 / 2021

Conditions: Cool, Clear & Brisk 42°

AO: Cool Runnings

QIC: Pixel Pusher

PAX: Flock of Seagulls, Dynamite, Kryptonite, Pill Mill, Almond Joy, Overbite, Hush Money, Tank, Wallburger, Trump, Ugly Stik, Hoveround (R), LETC (R), Pony Express, O’Neil, SOL, Kix, Gump, Airstream, Green Thumb, Brackish, Sugar Rush, Hay Mon, Kramer, Beauty, Pixel Pusher.

Toy Soldier x20 IC
Abe Vigota x17 IC
Copperhead Squat x10 IC

Run from LLP across Oleander Dr and down MacMillan Ave to Park Ave S. take a right on Park and run east to Hinton Ave. Turn around and head back west on Park picking-up the 6 and encouraging all. Follow same streets back to the AO. Faster PAX did mary at AO until the rest of the group arrived.

My apologizes to PAX that had to leave before Name-O-Rama, I will strive for punctual ending at future Qs.

Prayers for Hoveround and his approaching Birthday, which will include festivities and gifts…so many gifts.
Pray for strength and endurance for Beauty and all the PAX running and rucking for the End It Ruck challenge. As of this AM we were $30 short of freeing 1 person from slavery.

was super encouraged to have SO MANY PAX at Cool Runnings! Glad to see new faces and meet new people. Nice to have O’Neal back in the turtle club. Flock of Seagulls earned himself a new nickname, he’s now Flock Diesel for his never-die attitude and crushing his longest run ever!

F3Trump and Ugly Stik for earning the 50 in 10 board and crushing it!
Kramer and the Mamba’s nabbed the F3 Cape Fear Ghost Flag!
Sooner fartsacked…

Until next time,
Pixel Pusher


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