It was a dark and stormy morning.

Date: 3-3-2021


AO- Wake N Bake

Pax:  Bob the Builder, Chinese Downhill, Flounder, Geiger, Hump Day, Mr Incredible, Overbite, Sooner, Trump, and Ugly Stik, Wahlburger, Woody and FNG Pork Chop

March is definitely coming in like a Lion.  It was cold and rainy.  The best kind of day to show up in the gloom.  Let’s get it on.


30 SSH IC 

20 EW. IC

10 CP. IC

Tha Thang-

Run at your pace to WB park.  Found the playground for a 1/2 Murph.  50 pull ups, 100 merkins, 150 squats – OYO.

Wow, that sucked.

Run to Johnny Mercer’s pier, stopping at every 2nd light pole.  Alternate between 5 merkins and 10 squats until we hit the pier.  Come back and get the 6.

Find a partner.  Catch me if you can in the sand back to Stone St.  Partner A does 3 burpees, then runs to catch Partner B who is running backwards.  Flapjack.

Back to the flag.  Covered 2.5 miles.

No time for Mary-

CoT- Lots of meaningful prayer requests, that have slipped the YHC’s respect brain.  But, the Sky Q knows all.  

Moleskin-  Shoutout to Mr Incredible for partnering with BtB during catch me if you can.  It would have killed a lesser man.  Shout out to Pork Chop for the naked FNG post.  Hope to see you again real soon brother.  F3 is a special Thang. 

It was an honor and a pleasure.

LETC out


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