Running at the Beach, Who Needs Roads?

Date: 03/02/2021

AO: Turbo Tuesday

QIC: Kix

PAX – (14) and 1 Pup – Happy, LETC, Trump, Flight Nurse, Cali (Puppy Dog), Tank, Hush Money, Geiger, Humpday, BTB, Chinese Downhill, El Sooner, Sir-Mix-A-Lot, Uglystik, and YHC


Seal Claps x 32 (IC)

Toy Soldier x 12 (In Terrible Cadence)

Gravel Pickers x 10 (IC)

The Run:

PAX followed YHC as we moseyed across the bridge on the island of WB. We made our way down S. Lumina Ave, behind Wings and found our way to Beach Access #32. Here, we went from asphalt to sand. Once on the beach, PAX circled up for Monkey Humpers x 20 (IC).

We then ran at 75% pace to Beach Access #34 via the loose sand at the top of the beach. Here, we went back to S. Lumina Ave, back to asphalt. PAX continued run down to Oceanic Pier. Once we arrived in the parking lot, circle up for Pickle Pumpers x 20 (IC).

This was the hard part of the run, PAX went back onto the beach at the pier, and would run in the hard-packed sand, North, to Johnnie Mercers Pier. There were variations in pace, but everyone stayed at sub 8:30 mile pace, strong freakin’ work! That is how you put some Turbo back in Tuesday.

YHC made his way from the front PAX to the Six, having conversations along the way. It was really great to get to talk to people I do not normally get the privilege to post with and learn a little more about them.

At the Pier, we made our way out onto the asphalt. PAX then made their way back to the AO via W Salisbury Street, over the bridge, and then turning into Lookout Harbor. A slight cut-through the hedges onto N. Channel Drive gave us the clear path back to Surf City Surf Shop.


Shout out for Beauty on leading from the front and completing an absolutely epic February to kick-off our support of EndIt Ruck.

YHC prayed us out.

Thank you to those who were in attendance! It is an honor and privilege to be given an opportunity to lead.

  • Kix


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