The Day the Gloom Stood Still…


QIC: Sir Mix A Lot “Birf-Day Q”

PAX : KIX, Hoosier Daddy, Hooch, Franks, Honey Moons, Sooner, Spare Rib, The Teacher’s Pet, Lightning, Rawhide, Gumby, Chuckles, Whaler, Spotlight, Made Of Honor, Punkey, Moab, Matt Foley, Watchdog, Pony Express, RX, Blade, Cookout, Redline, Cookie, FNG “Huckleberry”


  • 20- SSH-4 Count
  • 30 Hill Billy’s
  • 10 Gravel Pickers    
  • 10 MERKINS-4 Count 
  • 10 Mountain Climbers – 4 Count
  • 10 Plank-Jacks

That’s enough Warmup!! Lets Get it ON!!!!!!!

The Thang:

Not really sure how this whole thing transpired but YHC was getting ready to head to the best AO in the Cape Fear region when I was cut-off and almost ran off the road by a blue truck with an F3 sticker on it.

Perplexed, I decided to follow the truck and see where this guy was headed so quickly. Come to find out this would be my first run-in with the guy we all know as “Steak Knives.” As I followed the truck, Steak Knives made a few stops along the way to the workout…. He stopped at a kindergarten class and stole all the little boys and girl’s ice cream. He then proceeded to eat the ice cream in front of them shouting out how delicious it was!

Just when I thought this couldn’t get any worse, I then followed Steak knives to the local dog pound where he mockingly ate an entire pound of bacon in front of the cute cuddly puppies, keeping those delicious morsels of pork just far enough away from the puppies’ mouth so that they could only hope to get a taste!!… but sadly, never did. “Those poor innocent little Puppies”

Well that was all YHC could take……

You could say a vengeance was born that day, a rivalry, something had to be done… and I was the one to do it, but what could I use to get back at this monster?

That’s when it hit me! Take the one thing that Steak Knives holds so dear!! His Reputation as a Q!

I would use the Q Challenge to bring justice to F3, and the World!! And so it begins….

Now that you are all caught up……. Lets get back to the workout.

Mosey Over to Flamers Wall for a little fun.


Break up into teams of 2 “Partner up” and complete the exercises below.

  • Exercise 1 – 20 Merkins
  • Exercise 2 –  20 Crunchy Frogs
  • Exercise 3 –  20 Squats
  • Exercise 4 – 20 Dips
  • Exercise 5 – 20 Single leg Lunges
  • Exercise 6 – Now here is where it gets fun!!!

Exercise 6 is the PAX choice!! “AKA pick your poison, See what I did there?”

The PAX get to choose, either knocking out 20 Burpees……. Or…….. One person form the team eating 1 delicious glazed or chocolate donut, while their partner planks it out. Once the PAX has finished the donut or the team has finished all the Burpees run back to the start and rinse and repeat!! Epic right?!?

Mosey back to the Flags just in time for 3 min of Hand release Merkins. Not going to lie that sucked!!

Moleskin/ COT

Franks brought up a great way of getting vaccinated if you are looking. He posted the details in Mumblechatter, or you can just hit him up.

Congrats to our Nantan in knocking out 50 miles!!! #enditruck

What can I say, in all honesty @Steakknives might be the nicest HIM that I have had the pleasure to meet. If we could have a few more men like him this, the world would be a better place. He does so much on a daily basis, it is tough to see how many times he is positively influencing another member of F3 because I think we all lose track. With that being said, it was a privilege to partner with him on this journey.

Steak Knives and I both hope that what we did grows legs and spins off with other PAX moving forward. Sometimes our brothers need a reason to post, let’s give them one!

Prayers for all men and women in uniform

As always it a privilege to lead!

Sir Mix OUT!!


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