Heavy Concrete/Metal Monday

Date: 3/1/2021

AO: Heavy Metal Monday – Long Leaf Park

Q: SockPuppet

PAX (10): AgentOrange, Rafiki, Bait and Switch, Banjo, Goat (R), Top Cheddah, Hey Mon, The Dude (R), Gerber, SockPuppet

The mission of F3 is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men, for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Warm-o-rama was chest pull/push in cadence, overhead press in cadence, pebble pickers in cadence, side straddle hop in cadence, copperhead squats in cadence.

Took our cinder blocks and kettle bells over to the parking lot. No running today. Split the pax into group of 4, 3, and 3 – each taking a parking spot. All pax started off doing curl overhead press. The tail end group stepped out and did 2 burpees each and then they took their coupon to the next parking space and got back into curl overhead press. This indian pattern continued and the pax moved parking space by parking space around the lot. As we moved, we switched from curl press to block/kb swings, then to squat overhead press. The Dude’s arms and shoulder muscles started bulging out their own 2nd-level muscles. We eventually made it around the whole lot – and celebrated with 10 bonnie blairs OYO!

Moved with our coupons to the shelter. Split into pairs. One pax did 20 block/kp step ups on the bench while their partner did 20 pull me ups under the picnic benches. Swap and repeat this for 3 rounds each. Agent Orange was puffing hard and had a red-danger face – found out it was his 3rd F3 workout and let him dial it back a bit. Way to get after it though!

Still in pairs, one pax did 20 one-arm rows with their block/kb while their partner did 20 merkins with elbows close. They swap and repeat this for 3 rounds.

Moved back out to the parking lot and all the pax bear-crawled across the lot and back.

Then we got back into our groups of 4, 3, and 3 – and took our places in the parking spaces – then repeated our indian press traverse down the parking lot. Last group of pax breaking off to do 2 burpees each then taking their coupon to lead the group in the next parking space in front, while all the other pax did block/kp curl presses, then block/kb swings, then block/kp squat overhead press. We worked our way back around the parking lot to where we started.

We celebrated completion with a 10-count stargazer.

Then wrapped up things with freddy mercurys in cadence and dying cockroaches in cadence. Then took our coupons back to the flag.

Happy Birthday to Gerber!

Prayers for God’s comfort and guidance with care for Banjo and Goat’s 2.0s; and to help F3 men keep eyes open with poise so they can see the 6s in their life who could use a helping hand.



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