The Party!

26 February 2021


# of PAX : 18

QIC: Bromater (BB prepared by Blade)

PAX: Gerber, Blue Steel, Goober, Gravity, Hahvahd, Jiffy Pop, McFly, Last, Goat, Top Cheddah, Whalburger, Loggerhead, SOL, Big Sky, Funfetti, Blade

Bromater specifically asked to take the Q, so YHC provided the opportunity. This was his first “solo” Q, and he killed it.


SSH x 25IC

Washing Machine x 20IC

Cotton Pickers x 15IC

The Thang

Indian Run clockwise around the loop to the tennis courts

4 corners escalator :

10 burpees | 20 lunges | 30 flutter kicks | 40 sumo squats

BTTW – each PAX 5 count

Doracides :

100 merkins | 200 squats | 300 LBC

Indian Run back around the loop to the flag

Mary :

American Hammer x 25IC (YHC)

SSH x 20 (Bromater)

Monkey Humpers x 20 (Funfetti)

Burpees x 5 (Blue Steel)

COT / Moleskins

Thank you all for giving Bromater the opportunity to lead. As a dad it’s fun to watch him lead, and gives opportunity for me to help him improve.

YHC is grateful for F3 and it being a place where a 7 year old kid can step up and lead a group of men.

Bromater prayed us out.

– Blade


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