The Mamba mashup at Arrowhead

Date: 2/26/21

AO: Arrowhead Park

QIC: Allman Joy VQ

Conditions: 50’s, dry and moonlit

PAX: Special K, houseboat, Kramer, seahorse, steak knives, crocket, aquaman, pony express, buckeye, pill mill, brick city, road warrior, sugar rush, watch dog, ear bud…..GEEZ THIS IS A LOT OF PAX, spotlight, popeye, money trail, gump, pixel pusher, bambi, brackish, boogie man, flock of seagulls, old crow, old mcdonald, dumbledore, dogwood, mcnally, liberty, MrDOKO, NAPA, Allman Joy

The mission of F3 is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Warm O Rama:

SSH in cadence, 20

Toy soldiers in cadence, 10

Mamba night clubs in cadence, 10

It was at this point the YHC became worried that his plan to run an F3 style base-ketball game was going to be difficult. A count-o-rama was conducted and YHCs worries were confirmed as we counted 32 PAX! Seeing no alternative, YHC decided to proceed with the plan. 2nd count-o-rama to divide into 4 teams.

YHC announced the inspiration for this workout.  Allman Joy being a mash up of The Allman Brothers Band and Almond Joy, the exercises, games and music would be all mashed up.

Start the Bill McClintock playlist on youtube and Mosey to the farthest point possible in Arrowhead Park, the grassy fields.

The Thang:

Michael Rose (a tribute to greatest swimmer michael phelps and all time hits leader Pete Rose)

All PAX start in superman/swimming position. On go, popped up and sprinted to “1st base” 90 ft. The PAX found this difficulty as YHC forgot to purchase glow sticks to place on the cone 90 ft away.  The full moon did not illuminate the field enough which results in some zigging.

Repeated this process for a straight line double (180 ft), triple (270 ft), and inside the park homerun (360ft or 120 yards).  As YHC instructed everyone to line back up, there was some grumble chatter from an un-named PAX that YHC “is going to make us climb the ladder back down.”  YHC was tempted to do this based on the grumblechatter, but another plan was already in place.  After completing our 2nd triple.  YHC told the story of when he almost set the Gardner-Webb University school record for most triples in a baseball game, but that after his third triple that game, the opposing team appealed that YHC had missed 1st base and YHC was called out.  The PAX agreed to help YHC realize his dream for 3 triples in a game, and we sprinted another 270 ft.

After our training was completed, we proceeded to mosey from the grassy field to the Mary C. Williams basketball courts for base-ketball.

F3 baseketball

OFFENSE- shooter attempts 3 free throws.  If made, defense does 10 merkins and offense PAX rotate bases. If misses all 3, whole offense does 10 burpees.

1st base- shoulder tap, plank jacks

2nd base- balls to the wall

3rd base- merkin mountain climbers

On deck shooters- bobby hurleys to work on your shot.

DEFENSE- 1 PAX does goof balls in front of shooter and talks trash for the psyche out.

Remaining PAX alternate monkey humpers and sumo squats.

While explaining the rules, YHCs worries from the warm-o-rama that this game would be better in a group of 10 PAX were realized. There was much confusion. During the 2nd game we audibled to 5 burpees and just hold plank around the bases on offense.

Team 1 vs Team 2

Team 3 vs Team 4

Winner VS Winner

Loser Vs. Loser

Recover and mosey to AO.

CoT: Lesson learned after my VQ. YHC should have taken notes. Things I can remember 5 hours later.  Coffeteria after Arrowhead next Friday in the parking lot.  Bring female hygiene products to Baywatch.  End it ruck.  Go sign up! There were some prayer requests and these were heard by God who promises to answer them, Amen.  Dangit I should have taken notes.

Moleskin: Kramer is the psyce out master.  Flock of seagulls had a psyche out with some Dad jokes. We are actually pretty good as a group with the free throw. Way more merkins than burpees were completed.  YHC was blown away and humbled by the 32 PAX that showed up for his VQ and the first ever VQ at arrowhead.


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