Date: 2/26/2021

AO: Stingray – Ogden Park

Q: SockPuppet

PAX (16): Picasso, BabyBack, Chernobyl, (wait… Picasso?) Smuckers, Sparky (R), Undertaker, (Yes. That Picasso!) PumpkinPieChart (R), MonTugaThunderHumpDayRay, EOM, 10-count, Geiger, RedHots, CabanaBoy, UNO, MonTugaThunderShakespeareRay, SockPuppet

The mission of F3 is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men, for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Last workout for HumpDay and Shakespeare to complete the MonTugaThunderRay. After 9 workouts this week, they both look great.

Warm-o-rama commenced with side straddle hop in cadence, pebble pickers in cadence, arm circles in cadence, and… 10 burpees OYO!

Ran to the playground. 3 rounds of 3 stations: balls to wall with pushups or 10-count, then walk hands forward with feet still on wall until you are parallel with ground, then do pushups or 10-count; 20 split leg squats on the benches; and 20 groiners.

Ran to the bars. 3 rounds of 3 stations: 5-10 pull ups based on ability; 10 dips; … 20 groiners! Then 3 rounds of 3 stations: 5-10 chin ups based on ability, 10 squat jumps, and 20 groiners! (in your best UNO exclamation)

Next, stargaze for a 20 second 2-count from HumpDay.

Pax ran to the parking lot where we paired up and relayed around lot: one pax bear crawling while the other ran to the end and back to their partner, then they swapped. After ending, the leaders ran back to the 6 and we all finished the relay together.

Next was ascending reps of 1 double count line jump, 1 double count bonnie blair, 1 burpee; then 2 double count line jumps, 2 double count bonnie blair, 2 burpees, and so on. A sad clown with a good idea drove into the parking lot and got out of his car to take a walk. Geiger split off to evangelize and EH. Not sure if the tiny ranger panties are a good marketing strategy. Hopefully the lats can close the deal! Anyway, we flipped the burpee routine into a descending count and recovered.

On our 6 for Freddy Mercurys in cadence, 10 v-ups OYO, Freddy Mercurys in cadence, 10 v-ups OYO, and more Freddy Mercurys in cadence.

Ran back to the flag.

Crowned HumpDay and Shakespeare as the newest MonTugaThunderRays!! (5 ECs and 5 workouts in 5 days) They are definitely model Ray Rays in form and in action. Good job men!

Picasso… you made it! and you make us better! Hope to see you soon!
Geiger and Gump are traveling to AZ to join Tenenbaum as he plants a first shovel flag in a new Tucson AO!
Check out UNO’s post on slack for info about the upcoming Stingray cornhole breakfast.
Prayers for God’s comfort for Gravity, his father, and family; Banjo’s son; and for hope and integrity to the men of F3 as they make marks in their community.



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