Cool Donuts

Quote: “Mmmmm. Donuts.” – Homer Simpson

AO: Cool Runnings – OG AO – Long Leaf Park

Date: 2/25/2021


PAX: Chinese Downhill, Hoveround, Kryptonite, Pony Express, Pixel Pusher, Hush Money, Trump, Dino, Flight Nurse, Hey Mon, Spare Rib, Goober, LETC, Brackish, Small Things, Beauty, & SOL. + Skeeter & Kali

Warm Up: SSH x 20 (IC), Toy Soldiers x 20 (IC), Gravel Pickers x 20 (IC)

The Thang: With the giant donut moon setting in the Western sky we ran out of the park up Pine Grove, across College down Park, South on Audubon, thru Lincoln Forest, out Lake down 41st across Shipyard to the Krispy Kreme at College road. There have been many a Q where I witnessed something go ‘wrong’ for the Q and usually no PAX cares and all are supportive, and sometimes the Q’s get rattled but sometimes not, sometimes they just go with the flow and keep their focus and a great Q, but today it happened to me despite prepaying for a couple dozen glazed donuts the day before with a vision of running through the drive thru for a quick hand off, but well that didn’t happen and the PAX did Mary for 10-12 minutes while my stress level went up and my judgement went down. Ideally, I would’ve just audibled and abandoned the hot glaze of deep-fried gooey carbs, but for some reason I was stubborn and determined to get the boxes of donuts to the PAX that I had promised them to, and we finally did get them and made it back to the AO 8-10 minutes late. We had three guys peel off early and continue on and missed the namerama as they had to get back and I was failing at one of my most important tasks as a Q, to get everyone back to the AO on time. I think next time, I need to be a bit more flexible and willing to adapt. In the end, we all made it back and ate some hot glazed donuts and even had plenty to take home to the kids. Apparently, a couple new Mary exercises were invented this morning while I was discussing franchising opportunities with Krispy Kreme staff. The Hot Glaze was the only one I remember the name of, but consisted (I think) of being on all fours but sunny side up doing pelvic thrusts in the Krispy Kreme parking lot. Wish we would’ve gotten that one on video!

COT: Prayers for Flight Nurse as he gets ready for a job interview, for Beauty’s body to hold up as he runs a super human amount of miles this month, and for all the do’ers in our society who carry more than their own weight, they (we) make the world a better place.


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