The Snickers

Q in charge – Circuit Breaker

PAX – Cannoli, Foo Foo, Goldbug, Snickers, Coffee Break, Drop Kick, Buckeye, Big Tuna, Gasket, Woody



Mission of F3

Coe Values of F3

Warm O Rama

Side Straddle Hops

Little Baby Arm Circles

Big Arm Circles


Sand Storm

The Thang

The Snickers

S- 10 Burpees (1 Merkin) 300 meter run

N- 20 Flutter Kicks (4 count) 300 meter run

I- 10 Burpees (2 merkins)

C- 40 Squats 300 meter run

K- 10 Burpees (3 Merkins) 300 meter run

E- 60 American hammers 300 meter run

R- 10 Burpees (4 merkins) 300 meter run

S- 80 Squats 300 meter run


Crunchy Frogs


Flutter Kicks

Freddie Mercuries

Hello Dolly’s

High Plank

Low plank


Name O Rama

Count O Rama

Announcements- My 20 mile ruck Saturday and end it ruck.

Shirt orders

Prayer request- My Engagement. I also reminded the PAX to never stop pursuing their wives. Also to never take them for granted. Not to assume they will always be there. We have got to pursue them just as we did when we were dating.


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