February IPC

Date: 02.24.2021
AO: The Battle Ground
QIC: Big Sky

PAX:@Mr.Incredible @tinydancer @SockPuppet 
@Steak Knives @Bambi @Southie @Wahlburger 
@Kramer @Pill Mill @Liberty, @Special K 
@SEAHORSE @Oaken @Pony Express @Crockett

15 Goofballs – IC
10 Mountian Man Poopers – IC
5 Slow Windmills – IC
Grab your coupon and mosey to the short wall behind the building…you know where.

20 Burpee Step Ups
20 Squat Thrusters w/Coupon
20 Decline Merkins
Cary Coupon out and around the roundabout.
REPEAT – Perform circuit 4X’s or if you are @Crocket you will get it done 5 times.
NOTE: Some PAX performed the IPC with their Ruck on their back. Strong Work!

@tinydancer lead us in a little Broga. Huge thanks TD. Our hips thank you.

COT: VQ at Arrowhead & Bro Mater Q at LLP on Friday. Where will you post?
Momba and Scorpions battle again on Monday in a game for hoops. But wait one second… Breaking News… Only one will be able to post with their FLAG as the Momba squad left their Flag at The Battle Ground. Where will the Momba crew find their flag?

See you next month for the March IPC


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