Daybreak Tour(tuega) of Ogden Park

Date: 2-23-2021

QIC: HumpDay

AO: TorTueGa Tuesday

PAX: (10 Human Pax & 3 K-9 Pax) – Undertaker, Angler, 10 Count, Shakespeare, Goat, Roady, Closer, Pumpkin Pie Chart, Sparky, HumpDay

EC: 10-Count, Shakespeare, HumpDay

CONDITIONS: 48 but feeling like 80! More T-Shirts and less Sweatshirts


SSH x25 IC

Mountain Climbers x10 IC (Stretch calves at the end – Jane Fonda style)

Pebble Pickers x10 IC


After warm up I described the route to everyone and had Pax line up as best as they could estimate pace with the fastest movers towards the end of the line. In the line of Pax, we all started running in circles around the parking lot and at this point, some Pax maybe were questioning their decision to attend a HumpDay run-day Q. To their relief, I mentioned the plan which was, every time we made a circle in the parking lot, the Pax at the back of the line broke off into the run route. Each pax broke off with about a tenth of a mile between each person all the way down the line. The idea was, to try and catch up to as many people as you could, or catch up to the person in front of you and run at that pace – idea to generally keep people together while also pushing each other. The route was chosen to aid in the general grouping of pax, with many turns, and loops through parking lots so we could still follow each other and push each other. By 6:11, all pax and pups had completed the run and ended up with about 3.5-3.9 miles. We did a couple stretches, then 50 OYO LBC’s to help keep the low back and hammys feeling fresh.

COT: Prayers to the 10-Count and family as the 2.0 is gearing up for the big college gig and for 10-counts leadership transition at work as well.

As of Tuesday, only 2 Pax remain in this weeks MonTueGaThunderRay transition… we will see if they last!



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