Brewery Tour, take 2

AO: Run Forrest Run – UNCW Lot M

Date: 2/23/2021

Quote: “If you Q a workout, DO YOUR FREAKING BACKBLAST #bringbackthebackblast”, -Hushpuppy


PAX: Hoveround, Big Sky, Morpheus, Air Stream, Sweatervest, Pixel Pusher, Beauty, Hey Mon, Green Thumb, & SOL

Warm Up: SSH x 20 (IC), Imperial Walkers x 20 (IC), Pebble pickers x 20 (IC), 30 secs of stretch oyo

The Thing: Adding onto the @heymon Flying Machine vq #RFR from last week, we again set out to tour the brewery but this time wrapped Devon Park into the route home but before we did, @beauty decided that running 300 miles in February wasn’t enough and felt like 400 was a rounder number so @greenthumb, who is no stranger to marathon’s, I am certain will jump in on Sunday when I ask him if or when the heroic attempt is confirmed, but as we made our way to Kerr Ave, we had to stop for a safety meeting of burpees led by none other than Maestro #RFR alum site Q @sweatervest and his ol’ buddy and second timer F3’r @airstream and then we literally got lost on a @pixelpusher short cut over near PT’s OG and the old theatre but luckily skeeter was able to sniff out our lost brothers and save the day, then @morpheus and I played rock paper scissors to see if we could squeeze in the BG loop on our decent but decided to play it safe and get back to the AO to locate our lone rucker, but Jack the 9’ great dane was already carrying @bigsky in his rucksack so all was good, except for it wasn’t because @hoveround felt his contract was breached as his mileage count was inaccurate so went awol to reclaim the disputed miles, but the search party of skeeter and a handful of PAX got the 6 and Hov and Senator Morpheus celebrated with round bagels and their top tier coffeteria.

COT: The Ghost Flag is getting worried other AO’s might have forgotten about it, sniff sniff, but is welcome to stay at Run Forrest Run as long as it likes #alwayswelcome. Prayers for a friend battling breast cancer (the bad kind) at age 39 with a one year old baby, prayers to Beauty to have clarity to see and crush any opportunities he has with work, prayers were spoken and unspoken, let’s continue to be leaders in our communities always doing what’s right and leading by example, lift up our military, first responders, teachers, social workers, politicians, students, and volunteers and all who prioritize others and the greater good.


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