New Moves on a Monday

Feb 22, 2021
AO: Monster Factory
Weather: Folks were shedding clothes!
Pax: Angler, Pumpkin Pie Chart (R), Kamikaze (R), Hump Day, Cabana Boy, EOM, Sock Puppet, 10 Count, Waterboy, Shakespeare, Hushpuppy, Uno, YHC
QIC: Geiger
EC1: Heavy stuff: 10 Count, Hump Day (MTTR-in-training), Shakespeare (MTTR-in-training), Uno
EC2: Fast stuff: Waterboy (MTTR-in-training), YHC, Spencie
EC3: Spartan stuff: EOM

Warm-o-rama: Prisoner strip downs (toes, waist, overhead, waist), plank jacks, butt kickers, high knees
Shuttle run to coupon pile…remember your place. Pick a heavy coupon. Everybody does 1 burpee, then last place in shuttle run leaves for some catch-me-if-you-can with your coupon. Everybody else does another burpee, then 2nd-to-last leaves. Another burpee, 3rd-to-last…etc until the last guy leaves after 13 burpees. That was the plan. Really, we just ran to the pull-up bars. Meh. But Hushpuppy got there quicker than everybody else, so that was impressive.

The Thang: Partner up…each duo owes:
-50 pull-ups
-100 merkin heel clicks (do merkin with a wide stance, at the top of your mekin, kick your feet up and click your heels)
-200 prisoner strips with coupon (toes, waist, overhead, waist)
-6 laps of the little loop
Divvy those up however and in whatever order. Help the 6 finish or Mary.
Once everybody is done, get in groups of 3 or 4. Same thang, same exercises, same count…50, 100, 200, but only 3 laps this time. Go until time runs out.
Return coupons to coupon pile and J-Lo for the clock. 

Count-o-rama: 13

Name-o-rama: breathy, but everybody was able to stand unlike Pumpkin Pie Chart’s Friday beatdown

Moleskin: Stingray has to have the best EC game this side of the Mesa Verde. There’s a standing ruck option and a run option 5 days per week. And then whatever EOM feels like doing on M/W/Fs. Waterboy got in 4 miles of conversational sub-7s…just two guys and a K9.0 gabbin about shoes. Ruckers played Red Rover with the runners. EOM sat on a fence.
UNO started catch-me-if-you-can with a shortcut through the parking lot because YHC forgot to use my crayons and draw him a map…my bad. Pretty simple workout once we all got there. Nice prime number of PAX to ruin all the plans, so that’s always super cool to split into groups. Don’t think we’ve ever done the merkin heel clicks or the prisoner strips before, but the PAX had zero problem with either. EOM stayed late to finish the rep count like F3 gives out an award for Employee of the Month or something. We don’t.
Hushpuppy has an aggressive aversion to ending on time, so we did some J-Los for a couple seconds past 0615 to ensure we were at least a little late finishing.
3 PAX going for all 5 ECs and all 5 workouts this week…gonna be a nice crop of MonTuGaThunder Rays!

COT: Waterboy is smart…pray he stays that way. Habitat for Humanity coming up 2/27…keep the weather at bay so we can do some work. Hushpuppy closed in prayer.

Bounce up outta there at 0618!
Always a pleasure, gentlemen…


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