Iron Man Training with Plenty of Jokes

Date: 02/19/2021

AO: The Boondocks

QIC: Kix

PAX: (6) – Sooner, Tiny Dancer (R), Brackish, Earbud, Mr. Incredible, YHC

All necessary disclaimers were covered, including the Mission of F3…. Does anyone know the mission of F3?

“The mission of F3 is to Plant, Grow and Serve, small work out groups for men, to re-invigorate male community leadership. Aye!”

We leave NO man behind and we leave NO man the way we found him.


Seal Clap x 25 IC

Silent Seal Clap – 3 completed together IC, then the remainder completed until 15 in silence.

               *Mr. Incredible may have finished early, or late, but regardless, we did 5 Burpees OYO

Goof Ball x 25 IC

Mountain Climbers x 25 IC

I then explained to the PAX what Iron Man training was going to consist of. Since YHC did not travel with enough road bikes for everyone, I did not have a stationary bike in the trunk, and I sure as heck was not getting in the water (was leaving that for McFly and the gang on Saturday)…

Wait a second, shouldn’t I be writing this on Friday? So how did I know that McFly and a group of HIM’s with strong mental fortitude (Overbite, Beignet, Cabbage, McFly, Mr. Incredible and UNO) would be plunging into frigid waters at WB on Saturday? Did I write my backblast late? Never, I just may have borrowed McFly’s Delorean.

*Iron Man Training – at each stop of our tour, we would complete 25 x Freddie Mercury’s and 25 Super Man Merkins* – We would be running to each spot, so this would be our Run, Bike, Swim component.

We left the public docks and took a quick mosey over to WB Park. On the basketball courts, we completed the following:

From end-line, bear crawl to other end-line, then flip over and crabwalk back.

Then bear crawl to the other free-throw line, flip over and crabwalk back.

Next was to half court, flip over and crab walk back

The near side free-throw line and back

Finish with a full court bear crawl

Sooner may have grumbled for the entirety of this portion of the Beatdown, about how much he loathes to crabwalk.  (Reminder for future Q’s)

We finished with our 25 x Freddie Mercury’s and 25 Super Man Merkins

Next, we left WB Park and headed to the empty large parking lot outside of Bluewater Grill and Gulfstream. Here we set up for 4 Corners

4 Corners with High Reps:

Corner 1 – 10 Burpees OYO

  • 50 Shoulder Taps (4 count IC)

Corner 2 – 10 Burpees OYO

  • 50 Squats IC

Corner 3 – 10 Burpees OYO

  • 50 LBCs IC

Corner 4 – 10 Burpees OYO

  • 50 SSH IC

We then finished with our 25 x Freddie Mercury’s and 25 Super Man Merkins

After completing, we moseyed back to the entrance to WB Park. Under the bright lights and with cars and walkers passing by, we completed Monkey Humpers x 25 IC.

We then moseyed back to the Public Docks. Here we finished with Pickle Pumpers x 25 IC, and the remainder of the Iron Man training – 25 x Freddie Mercury’s and 25 Super Man Merkins



YHC Prayed us out, and we hopped in our cars to avoid the rain and get warm!

There was great attitude, strong effort, and great mumblechatter through the whole workout! I appreciate you men coming out, working hard and pushing me to be better as we out got stronger together. As always, it is a privilege to be given the opportunity to lead.



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