It’s all in the Grip!!!

Date: 18 February 2021

AO: StingRay – Ogden Park

# of Pax: 8

Pax: Roadie, Goat, Angler, GTA, Undertaker, 10 Count, Geiger & Gravity (YHC)

QIC: Gravity

Weather: on the edge of a really wet, cold day


Dynamic/Moving Warm up

Two teams for a Relay:

Starting at the end of the parking lot, get into two groups of 4

Objective: 1 at a time, sprint to the heavy things. The relay will transport the heavy things to the pullup bars. Turns out, we left 3 weights back, and all of us had to go back and get the rest.

The Thang:

In your two relay teams, you’ll do four exercises in a rotation for 4 rounds. The person on pullups goes until the other three are done with their reps. The reps are:

Squat thrusters x 25

Curls x 25

Triceps’ extensions x 25


One group performs erotic mary while the other group finished up. There was talk about eye contact … but this in not my home AO, so I don’t want to judge.

Same teams, similar concept. The one partner is to do a dead hang on the pullup bars until the partners’ 25 rep count is complete. The circuit for 4 round is;

Squat calf raises x 25

All Gore with an Atlas Stone

Weighted Glute Bridge raises x 25

Dead Hang on the pullup bar.

Time to get all the heavy things back to the AO. The ole meat hooks were really feeling it today – working the grip wasn’ t my plan, but it worked out exactly right. Good work by all, I really enjoy checking out the different AOs from time to time.

TAPS & Announcements:

Be sure to attend Toby Talk

Ruth’s & Reflections is starting back up tomorrow – join your brothers in baconship.

YHC shared a couple stories about my dad. It helps me to tell stories about the fun times while acknowledging the inevitable.

Gents, it was fun. I really enjoyed posting up north.  Gravity


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