12 Pack of Ice Cold Buds

Date: 2 / 18 / 2021

AO: Cool Runnings

Conditions: 40° with a light rain

PAX: Kryptonite, Hoveround, Spare Rib, Beauty, Trump, Ugly Stick, Steak Knives, Hey Mon, Sooner, Air-stream (FNG), Brackish, Pixel Pusher

QIC: Pixel Pusher

Toy Soldiers IC x 20
Copperhead Squats IC x 15
Skeeter Ticklers IC x 10
SSH IC x 20 (thanks to Sooner while YHC picked-up Skeeter poop)

The Thang:
Run to Independence Mall, pick-up the 6 and complete 2 miles at the Star Bucks on the corner of Independence and Oleander. Run back to LLP, pick-up the 6 and collect the gang at the first intersection. Sprint / Mosey around Goose Poop Island, alternating at every speed bump to finish back at the intersection. After all have finished, sprint back to the AO.

Prayers for Mr T, Boogie Man and their fathers as they battle cancer. For all our brothers and sisters in Texas and other states dealing with the cold and power outages. Continued prayers for Sooner’s father and Patchouli’s M.

Glad to see that the rumors were not true, there is running in F3! I’ve enjoyed seeing so many guys get better and faster. Looking forward to races coming back so these guys can see how their hard work is paying off.

Until next time,
Pixel Pusher


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