The Workshop – Forging Iron

Date: 2-15-2021


AO- The Workshop

Pax:  Closer, Earbud, Tank, The Dude, Trump, and Ugly Stik, 

It was cold, wet, and gloomy.  Perfect way to start a Monday.  7 pax- the number for fullness and completeness.  Let’s get it on!      


30 SSH IC 

20 EW. IC

10 CP. IC

Mosey to the park pavillion. 

Tha Thang-

DORA 1-2-3.  Find a partner.  100 derkins, 200 step ups, 300 dead-stop squats.  

Partner A does routine.  Partner B runs to playground for 5 pull ups or 5 knees to chest.

Keep flapjacking until complete.

Shoulder presses IC x 53.

We stayed at the pavilion as everyone took a turn at Mary.  Earbud had us doing some pretzel twist, foot in the air, LBC.  It still hurts. 

CoT- Prayers were silent this morning, so we lifted up all of the unspoken prayers, of which we are sure there are many.. Prayers of gratitude for F3, the pax in the circle – and the pax missing.

Moleskin-  Yhc did a solo EC mosey this am.  The pax claimed they did not see it in the pb.  Mmmm?  Maybe all caps next time?  Hey Tank, did you hear there are a couple of challenges going on?  The ruck-run2021 challenge.  A whole challenge Chanel of other challenges.  Yhc challenges you to check them out.  Earbud, anytime you want to yhc to work one of your gigs, just let me know.  Yhc can be free at a moment’s notice.  Closer, your friendly, cheerful face transforms with that beard.  Kinda like it.  Ugly Stik and Trump.  Glad to see y’all have bonded after being dumped by BtB and Venus.  Maybe a new union?  Ugly Trump?  StikittoTrump?  The Dude, appreciate the fellowship mosey this am.  You are The Dude.  And yep, you can talk me back onto a board this spring.  Wow, F3 is a special Thang. 

It was an honor and a pleasure.

LETC out


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