The Hills have Eyes 3: This is not a Love song

AO: Arrowhead

Date: 2-12

Pax: earbud, McNally, Kramer, buckeye, Ditka, Dumbledore, southie, Bambi, streaker, Scantron, crocket, allmonjoy, liberty, Napa, sol, houseboat, pixel pusher, fos, no habla

QIC: Special K

Warm O Rama

This is not a love song

When spoken- merkin

When not- mountain climbers

The thang:

Pearls on River Road

On the way every 60 secs. A pax must call out an exercise before yhc but after the timer sounds. If yhc bests you, we do 20 burpees. Each exercise is 20 reps. When cars passed, monkey humpers IC

Then on the way back we will will play the hills have eyes. Every time @earbud tags you it’s 10 burpees. Game is over at the AO. The pax that @earbud didn’t tag were the winners!

We covered 2.12 miles (on 2/12)




Be a mustard man

Big asset- crocket

Praises are a must!

20 in 30- southie and Bambi

Big asset- Crocket!

Next time bring an fng



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