Timing is Everything

Lost time is never found again.” 

– Benjamin Franklin

Date: 02/11/2021

AO: Cool Runnings

QIC: Kix

PAX: (20 & Skeeter): Pony Express, Banjo, Small Things, Smuckers, Kryptonite, Beignet, FNG (Headbanger), Succop, LETC (R), Chinese Downhill (R), Trump, Shore, Hoveround (R), Tiny Dancer (R), Ugly Stik, SOL, Happy (or Sad), Sooner, Pixel Pusher, Skeeter and YHC

The Q may have been running on a “Right on Time” sort of schedule this morning. I was quickly told that workouts start at 0530 (thank you @LETC), but the Q’s watch said 0530, so it was ALL GOOD!

All disclaimers were given, including the fact that during our run today, the focus was to leave No Man Behind, and to always circle back to Pick up the Six.


20 x Seal Clap (IC)

15 Gravel Pickers (IC)

OYO Stretch what you need to stretch

The Thang

A roughly four-mile course was sketched out prior to the workout. The course was to leave the West/Northwest side of the park, across Oleander Dr. We then took MacMillan Ave over to Hamilton Dr on the UNCW campus. Right around the transition from MacMillan to Hamilton, the first mile was reached. At this point, the PAX at the front were to circle to the back to pick up the six. We then ran Hamilton, passed the track, to the Cross-city Trail on Hurst Dr. We turned left, stayed on the trail all the way across the front of campus, running parallel with S. College Rd. At the end of Wagoner Dr., again, the front circled to the back. We then turned right onto Randall Dr until we hit the intersection of Racine. PAX turned right onto Racine, and here is where the course got “re-set”. We were going to circle through the middle of campus and back around by the soccer fields to head back to the AO. However, the front runners took us down Chancellor’s Walk. We ran to the end, turned right and took and immediate right onto Price Dr. We then looped back to Riegel Rd and finally back onto Hamilton Rd to head back to the AO. Was this Cool Runnings, or Run Forest Run? Was it Tuesday or Thursday? @f3Uglystik quickly reminded me that it was Thursday, and it was 0600. No way we were making it back by 0615.

However, everyone was running strong, and the mumblechatter that was going on across the groups of PAX was solid! I do not think anyone was too upset. HOWEVER, once we did return to the AO at 0617, I was again reminded that workouts are to start and END on time (whoops). YHC vows to improve his time management skills, promise. But I believe everyone enjoyed the journey, and I know everyone pushed themselves. We welcomed and FNG, (Headbanger), brought out by @Kryptonite. It was great to welcome you, and we have been expecting you! Get out there again.

Glad to see @Succop back in the gloom and giving @f3Trump another chance to post along side him.


Prayers for @Chinese Downhill, as he and his M have come alongside friends who have lost their son. Today was the memorial service, and a difficult time for the family.

Prayers for all F3 men and the blessing that this is for each of us to sharpen one another.

As always, it is an honor and a privilege. Thank you for allowing me to lead, and for accepting my poor timing.



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