Mt Midori-Ogden

Nobody climbs mountains for scientific reasons. Science is used to raise money for the expeditions, but you really climb for the hell of it.

Sir Edmund Hillary

Feb 09, 2021
AO: TorTueGa
Weather: Shorty-short weather, like always
Pax: Munster, 10 Count, Goat (R), Roadie (R), Closer, Snowman, Chop Shop, Sparky (R), Pumpkin Pie Chart (R), Undertaker, Geiger, Gump
K9.0s: Bella, Kiya, Roxie, Spencer (EC only)
QIC: Geiger
EC: Cinder Block Mile: 10 Count, Gump; Run: Geiger, Spencie

Warm-o-rama: Mountain Climbers, static stretch OYO
Warm-o-rama Part 2: Butt kickers to bleachers, up-down-up-down bleachers. Then repeat with high knees. Again with high knee crossovers.

The Thang: Run! Periodically circle back for the 6 or do Mountain Climbers until the 6 catches you.
YHC found a hill and wanted to show all the PAX, so we crossed Gordon and got on Amsterdam (showed the PAX where the Broomtail Brewery is for upcoming 2nd F event this Friday). Hung a right into the neighborhood where the road diverged…5 PAX took the long way, 7 took the straight shot. THIS IS WHERE THE HILL IS!!! And what a glorious hill ’twas. Made our way back to Gordon and back to the AO via Farrington Farms.
Had time for a bit of Mary…3 or 4 exercises.

Name-o-rama courtesy of Gump and finished on time…

Moleskin: All the PAX summited without the use of Oxygen tanks. No sherpas, either. The total route was 2.8-3.3 miles…Gump clocked 4.5 for the workout, but he circled back a bunch of times because he is a beast–nay, a monster—-nay, nay, a MonTuGa. Couple more ECs and workouts, and he’ll have the honor of MonTuGaThunder Ray.
So awesome being able to have all the K9.0s join us once a week. I hate to run, but love our run day here at Ogden Park just because all the pups who join the fun. Thanks to the PAX who bring them out week after week.

Toby Talk at Ogden Tap Room Thursday at 1830.
2nd F event at Broomtail Friday at 1800 with FIA.
GOAT closed in prayer.

Always a pleasure…


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