A Big Sky Run Q

You know if you were there.

Date: 02/09/2021
Time: 05:30AM
AO: Run Forest Run UNCW
QIC: Big Sky
PAX: Hoveround, Sweatervest, SOL, Pixel Pusher, Hey Mon

It felt like my VQ all over again. I couldn’t sleep well and kept looking at the clock. Why? It was a run day and I was the Q.

20 Hillbilly IC
10 Parking Lot Ticklers IC
10 Copper Head Squats IC

We did the Busted Grill mile – X2. Every .25 of a mile we dropped and did 25 Merkins. That is 200 merkins for those trying to do the math at home.

Mosey over to the parking garage and what did we find but two coupons. Two PAX lunged walked with the coupons while the other PAX ran up the ramp, executed 10 Plank Jacks and then relived the PAX lunge walking up the garage. At level 4 we dropped the coupons and sprinted up the rest of the way.

Prayers for fellow PAX going in for a heart test.
Prayers for friend who is being treated for cancer.

Big Sky – OUT!


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