Turtles at the Beach…Again

DATE: 2/8/2021

AO: Workshop

QIC: Tiny Dancer

#PAX: 13

PAX: Sooner, Dino, Zohan, Mr. Incredible, Cousin Vinny, Flying Wasp, Trump, Ugly Stik, Swaddle(FNG), Tank, LETC, Hush Money

13 PAX were present for the culmination of Q week to help YHC begin my next trip around the sun. 


Seal Clap X 30

Gravel Pickers X 15

Hillbillies X 20

Merkins X 20

Mountain Climbers X 20

Shoulder Taps X 20

Carolina Dry Dock X 15


Mosey to the church for balls to the wall for a 10 count by each PAX followed by wall taps IC X 20. Already some PAX are grumbling about their shoulders. 

Mosey to Live Oak Loop for speed bump burpees. Mosey to each speed bump and back and do 5 burpees at first speed bump, adding 5 burpees at each speed bump up to 25 at the end. Total of 75 burpees. 

Mosey back to the parking lot with some bear crawls on the way. 

Derkin walk 5 steps right and 5 steps left followed by 10 box jumps. Rinse and repeat X 3 sets

Dips IC X 30

Circle up for Howling Monkey- PAX hold monkey jumper position while each PAX does monkey jumpers X 10 around the circle. 

Ring of Fire- PAX hold plank while each PAX does 10 merkins around the circle. 

5MOM- American Hammer X 30, Heels to Heaven X20, Superman, Freddie Mercury X 20, Boat hold 


The turtle was back out at the beach today and this one got away as Flying Wasp had to interrupt his Live Oak Loop burpees to hit the porta John. 
Swaddle- we do not name ourselves in this game- be happy you didn’t end up with Zohan’s suggestion. We want you to come back. Welcome to F3. 
Trump-Tank was there before you today. 
Thank you again to all my F3 brothers for pushing me and making me stronger and better. 
It is an honor and a pleasure to lead. 

Tiny Dancer out 


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