Serpents, Turtles, and Prairie Dogs at Boondocks

DATE: 2/5/2021

AO: Boondocks

QIC: Tiny Dancer

#PAX: 10

PAX: Spin Doctor, Dino, Beater, Beignet, Halfback, Kix, LETC, Ugly Stik, Trump

10 PAX arrived at the docks this morning, 2 ran away, something about 100 miles a month but YHC wonders if they were scared of snakes. The remaining 8 snaked their way down the beach while trying to avoid the turtle and prairie dog that Dino brought along. 


SSH X 30

Gravel Pickers X 10

Imperial Walker X 20

Moroccan Night Club X 50

Kix rolled in at the end of the warmup after being delayed for a wardrobe change to match the Q. 


Mosey to the beach at Stone Street where we began the serpentine ladder headed north weaving from street to beach. 

We started with 10 burpees and stacked a new exercise at each block. The exercises were

10 burpees

20 merkins

30 squats

40 flutter kicks

50 mountain climbers

60 American hammers

70 shoulder taps

80 air presses

90 LBCs


We then run the final 3 blocks to Johnny Mercer’s pier where we pick up a coupon for the run back. 
Indian run with the kettlebell passed from front to back. When the kettlebell reaches the back, the PAX rifle carries the bell while running to the front. 
Back at the AO Dino led all in windshield wipers while trying hard not to soil himself. 


Dino- Hope everything came out alright. Next time leave the turtle and the prairie dog at home-they stunk up the beach. I hope Spin Doctor didn’t have to ride home with you. 
Kix- imitation is the sincerest form of flattery
Trump and Ugly Stik- we missed your company. Hope you two lovebirds had a lovely run. 
LETC- thanks for trying to make me younger
Beater and Beignet- way to represent the youth today
Halfback- great to have you back. Hope the labrum wasn’t too aggravated today. 
Thanks for the opportunity to lead. 

Tiny Dancer out


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