TT goes old school.

Date: 2-2-2021


AO- Turbo Tuesday

Pax:  Bob the Builder, Blue Steel, Chinese Downhill, Gravity, Flounder, Happy, Hush Money, Kix, Sooner, Tank, Trump, and Ugly Stik, 

It was cold. YHC was happy. WB is always a great place to be. BtB came out. Gonna have to chase the youngins. 


30 SSH IC 

20 EW. IC

10 CP. IC

Run down N Channel then up to the Sun Spree. 

Tha Thang-

The plan was to do Catch me if you can with merkins up the ramp of the parking deck. Who knew you could do a 3 story parking deck without a ramp?  We serpentined around the parking deck for awhile, looking for a path. NEXT. 

We ran to Johhny Mercers. At the beach we broke into 2 lines. BtB line and CD line. Indian Run to Stone St, then go back and get CD’s line. A run line, and a mumblechatter chatter line. It was glorious. At Stone St, pause to soak in the waves and ambience. Mosey back to the flag. 


53 LBCs IC

22 merkins. 

CoT- Prayers for Sooner’s brother, SIL, and baby on the way. Prayers of gratitude for F3, the pax in the circle,and the pax missing. 

Moleskin-  It was an old school day. It’s special to see CapeFear grow like crazy, and it’s awesome meeting new pax, and building new relationships, but working out with pax you have a long history with is a treat. YHC has been blessed to have built multi-year, tight relationships w everyone at TT today. Looking forward to deepening these bonds, even as we build new ones. Wow, F3 is a special Thang. 

It was an honor and a pleasure.

LETC out


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