Gorillaz in the Cold

DATE: 2/3/2021

AO: Long Leaf Park

QIC: Tiny Dancer

#PAX: 14

PAX: Niles, Goat, Songbird, Big Sky, Blade, Bromater, Chernobyl, Beauty, Stormchaser, Dirt Chef, Pixel Pusher, Banjo, Hoveround

14 PAX braved the February chill for their DRP at the OGAO, including 1 FNG.


SSH X 30

Gravel Picker X 15

Imperial Walker X 25

Moroccan Night Club X 40


Mosey to the playground/tennis court parking lot via Route 66- stopping at each light pole for ascending merkins starting with 1 at the first and increasing to 11(total of 66 merkins)

11’s- Monkey Humpers at one end of the parking lot, bear crawl across and burpees at the other side.

Derkin Walk/Groiners-Derkin position on the wall, move 5 steps to the right then 5 to the left followed by 10 wall groiners. Rinse and repeat X 3.

Mosey to playground for a 4 exercise circuit. Box jump to merkin X 10, Split squat X 10 each leg, Inverted rows X 10, Wooly worm X 10. Rinse and repeat X 3.

Captain Therkin- Ascending Big Boy sit-up/American Hammer in 1:4 ratio with 2 merkins up to 10


Welcome FNG Stormchaser! Glad you came out despite the fact that it was too cold today for Busted Grill.

Bromater you killed it today! Love your energy!

Big Sky- sorry the warmup was redundant today. Come to Battleship tomorrow I promise I will change it up.

Lots of mumble chatter from Niles and Hoveround, I guess I need to step up the workout.

Great to see Songbird posting consistently. Hope to see you at Baywatch.

As always it was a pleasure and honor to lead.

Tiny Dancer out


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