Run for the Flag

DATE: 2/2/2021


QIC: Tiny Dancer

#PAX: 10

PAX: Beauty, Hey Mon, Pixel Pusher with Skeeter, Hoveround, Halfback(F3 Churham), Mr. Kotter, Morpheus, Big Sky, SOL

10 PAX ran/ruck thru campus on a chilly morning and admired the new RFR AO flag.


SSH X 40

Gravel pickers X 15

Imperial Walker X 20


Big Sky embarked on a solo ruck while the rest of us ran. We headed toward the track which was closed so we continued to the front of campus at which point we Indian ran down the path along Wagoner. After awhile we audible to a pace run to the parking deck.

Once at the deck we did Merkins X 30 and Mountain climbers X15. Then backwards up each ramp and sprint the flats up to the top. Plank fo the six and then Mahktar Ndiaye X 15.

We ran back thru campus with a stop at the new parking deck for some stairs and sprints which were cut short due to time. Mosey back to the AO and the beautiful new flag. the runners covered somewhere between 4-4.5 miles.


Prayers for Blueberry and the entire Seahorse family.

One of the oldest AO’s in the region finally got a flag! Awesome work SOL! See photos on slack or come out next Tuesday to see it in person and run with some HIMs.

Strong work Beauty working on the run game! Pixel Pusher (and Skeeter) are great run mentors.

Kotter appears to be returning to his old form.

Welcome Halfback from F3 Churham- come back out the rest of the week.(also I’m gonna get you to EH my buddy in Hillsborough)

As always it is an honor to lead and I am grateful for every day I can spend in the gloom with HIMs.

Tiny Dancer out


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