We are Sparta!

This is where we hold them! This is where we Fight!
Remember this day, men. For it will be yours for all time.

Date: 1/29/21
AO: Recovery-AO
QIC: Not Tom Sawyer but Big Sky.
PAX: (R)LETC, Cookout, Flight Nurse, McFly, Steak Knives, (R,R)Busted Grill, (R)Tom Sawyer, & (FNG) Chair Toss

This back blast starts on Monday. For those of you who will Q this AO the pressure to mess up the PAX list is heavy. Who is coming – who is not? Who makes it sound like they are coming and confuse you so that you doubt yourself? KEY – When you reply to the QIC on the pre-blast, please hit that HC, it will take the pressure off.

Tom Sawyer painted my fence and made sure that all registered PAX were ready for the workout. Good job Tom Sawyer, but I may need you to come and do a 2nd coat sometime.

PAX arrive and check in. Shoes were delivered (thank you Goat and Mr. Incredible) While we wait for our new F3 brothers to show up there is a display of basketball “skills”. We see and talk to most of the guys who worked out last week, but some were not feeling up to a workout, some were going to a group talk, some were just having a bad day. Tom Sawyer sees a FNG walking to the gym and headlocks him to join us.

Its 4:40PM – Time to get to work!

Mission & Values of F3 stated by all PAX!

– SSH IC X20 (6th core principle of F3)
– Big Arm Circles IC X10 – Flapjack
– Copper Head Squats IC X 10

Partner Up for DORA
– 50 Step Ups
– 100 Merkins
– 150 Dips
2nd Partner runs from wall to other side of basketball court and performs 5 squats

The Next THANG
Circle up around the pull-up bar. Hold High Plank while PAX performs pull-ups to failure. Next PAX goes and rest of PAX go to LOW Plank. Continue to all PAX have performed pull-ups. To start we had our Pull Up champion Busted Grill set the bar. HUGE Respect!

The Other THANG
PAX play CRAPS – We each rolled dice to determine the exercise and the reps. During this THANG we learned more about our FNG. He is a Special Forces Instructor with 9 deployments. Then it was our FNG’s turn to lead our exercise and for one second I thought EPO was with us. This guy is the real deal.

The Last THANG
11’s – exercises are Squats and Monkey Humpers. Lunge walk across the basketball court.

We named our FNG – Chair Toss and Tom Sawyer presented him a F3 Shirt.
Prayers for Chair Toss and for all our F3 brothers who are going through tough times right now including the PAX at the Recovery-AO who were unable to workout with us.

I know that the PAX who worked out at the Recovery-AO got more out of this workout then any workout we posted at this week. F3 is changing lives.

Big Sky


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