Thunder Bunnies!

Jan 28, 2021
AO: Thursday Thunder
Weather: January-ish, but no flurries
Pax: Pumpkin Pie Chart (R), Tiny Dancer (R), GOAT (R), Seahorse, Hump Day, 10 Count (NR), Buckeye, Allman Joy, Bambi, Wapner, Southie, Cabana Boy, Geiger
QIC: Geiger

Warm-o-rama: SSH IC, Abe Vigodas IC, Copperhead Squats IC

The Thang 1: All Pax had a coupon, mostly cinder blocks. We took them to the bleachers.
30 Crucible Merkins on cinder block
Murder Bunnies up bleachers x 2
30 Close-grip chest presses with Cindy
Murder Bunnies up bleachers x 2
*Repeat x 4, decreasing reps by 5.
Finished with chest presses and merkins to failure, which did not take long for YHC.

The Thang 2: Circular Firing Squat workout
Cirecle up (obvy) with Cindy and each Pax call out a leg workout.
Single leg RDLs, front squats, overhead squats, back squats, pistol squats, jump squats, boiled squats, fried squats, baked squats, squats on the barbie……just a bunch of different kinds of squats. And a lunge from Tiny Dancer.

Name-o-rama and finished on time…some of us gotta get to work, ya know.

Moleskin: The weather forced YHC to significantly alter the planned workout for we are dainty flowers who wilt with wet shoes. Thought we may be able to party in the picnic pavilion, but FIA was there and looked like they were ready to fight over the acreage. So, we improvised. No Atlas stones were used out of respect for the cleanliness of 10 Count’s pretty white car. GOAT did GOAT things with a kettlebell…not the prescribed coupon, but who are we to argue with the man, the myth, the legend?
Not sure if there was a miscommunication, but we had hella visitors for today’s workout. Maybe they were unaware of the Ghost Flag’s location. Maybe they were scouting for their run at the elusive MonTuGa Thunder Ray next week. Who knows, but we welcome the different faces…especially when they bring gifts (Thanks, Bambi!)
And speaking of the MonTuGa Thunder Ray, Seahorse (Chorse) is one day away from claiming his very first patch! 10 Count tried his best to keep him from succeeding by RUNNING for today’s EC, but the Chorse was determined. Strong work.
Shoutout to Buckeye for doing epic shtuff with his Mission Slimpossible!

COT: GOAT closed in prayer…keeping in mind his two friends who are experiencing health issues; 10 Count’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad Tuesday; those involved with the Covid vaccine; first responders; everybody struggling with something…perfect place to unload some of that burden is at Toby Talk 1830 at Ogden Tap Room tonight.

Always a pleasure…


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