OOOOOO baby baby. The boys are back on campus, and they were ready to rumble. But old man winter was trying to shut out the Seahawks. He served up a chilly one. Even at 0800 it was lil’ bit nipply. Can’t imagine what the gloom was like. There was a stiff polar wind whipping through the Octagon. Slinky showed up in basically shorts an a t-shirt, teeth chattering like a cat stranded on an ice floe.

But we persevered. Because thats. What. We. Do.

In the words of another intrepid Artic explorer, Ernest Shackleton, “difficulties are just things to overcome, after all.”

Date: 1/28/21

AO: The Octagon (UNCW Pop-Up)

QIC: Sweater Vest

# of Pax: 6

Pax: Sweatervest, Messier, Slinky, FNG Dad-Joke, Colgate, Snooky.

(27 reps each due to my beautiful niece Mary Jac Campbell being born yesterday on 1/27)
SSH x27 IC
Imperial Walkers x27 IC
Asphalt Ticklers x17 IC

EC: 10 Burpees OYO

The Thang: Mosey over to the Parking Tower of Power (PTOP?)
DORA up and down the stairwell, splitting your share of:
Plank Jacks x150
Bobby Hurleys x200
LBC x250

Elevens on each level of the parking deck (Decline Merkins & WWII Sit-Ups)

Mosey Back to the AO for COT and jumping in the FNG.

WELCOME FNG Dad Joke. We look forward to hearing all your puns in the future.

Wash your hands PAX, stay safe. Be well & do good.

xoxo, SweaterVest


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