Don’t Sell Your Saddle

Don’t give up on dreams.
Take time to see’em through.
There are no easy trails.
Hard work makes dreams come true.

You’ll make it through the tough times.
Friends will stick like glue.
Don’t ever sell your saddle.
Dreams won’t give up on you.

Date: 1/27/2021
AO: Toughruckers
Conditions: Pert near perfect
PAX 16+2 pups
QIC: Big Sky (Funfetti, Cuddles)

Funfetti lead us in a “Giddy Ups” 5 times each side.
20 Rid’em Cowboy’s

The Thang
We started our cattle drive to GPI.
50 Incline Merkins
50 Step Ups
10 Stair Repeats
Hold Squat while Big Sky read

Cattle Drive around GPI
Cut through GPI to stop at the veterans monument
22 Merkins IC
Hold Plank while Cuddles read The Prospector


His legs were bowed, his back was bent, his skin was leather brown.
No one knew how old he was, seem he’s always been around.
His hands were scared, his fingers gnarled from working with a pick.
Either digging in a mountain side or panning in a creek.
He came to town looking for a stake, to try and find the mother lode.
He knew it had to be very close to one of the trails he rode.
He hasn’t found his fortune yet, perhaps he never will.
It won’t be because he didn’t try, he’s out there digging still.
You see, the fortune that he seeks, is not in the finding of the gold.
The searching is worth so much more than all the mother lode.

End the cattle drive back at the AO

End in a COT
Prayers for Tomorrow.


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