Quadruple Bs

 In the International Phonetic Alphabet, [b] is used to represent the voiced bilabial stop phone. In phonological transcription systems for specific languages, /b/ may be used to represent a lenis phoneme, not necessarily voiced, that contrasts with fortis /p/ (which may have greater aspiration, tenseness or duration).

Ballast Beatdown Back Blast

Date: 01/26/2021

# of Pax: 5

Pax: Chutes-n-Ladders, Crocket, Goat, Busted Grill & Gravity

QIC: Gravity

AO: Ballast Beat Down

YHC stepped up when Circuit Breaker got exposed to cooties, so it was nice to return to my roots. When I got there, I could see at least one pax running EC – that was Crocket and it was verified by Strava..


Cotton Exchange Pickers x 20 IC

SSH x 20 IC

The Thang:

Mosey to the Wilson Center Parking Deck. We started at the top and partnered up.

Partner 1 runs a lap around the outside edge of the parking deck (approximately 400 meters) while the other partner completes an exercise.

Lap 1 – hand release merkins – after lap 1 we moved down one level to keep BG dry.

Lap 2 – monkey humpers

Lap 3 – heels to heaven

Lap 4 – I forget now, I made something up that really sucked.

We moseyed to the Southeast stairwell and ran down to Heisenberg’s Hill. At the bottom of the stairwell (under 3rd St) we talked about how that little trail is going all the way to N 8th St soon. Exciting as we get to explore some neighborhoods.

At Heisenberg’s Hill we did a Dora 1,2,3.

100 step ups

200 incline merkins

300 LBCs – we stopped short because of time.

Mosey back to the AO – completed 22 merkins on my count as a reminder and in honor of the 22 Veterans who take their lives everyday – do a buddy check, let’s not let another hero take his/her own life.

COT: Goat’s buddy Brad battling cancer, continued prayers for Blueberry, first responders and our military.

Moleskins: Hearing Goat (67 y/o) asking Busted Grill (74 y/o) if he’s gotten the vaccine and the short debate was arguably the best part of my day. The new coffeteira at PCJ on Front St is awesome. BG has good plans for Fridays at Jesus & Jimbos – 3 pax for coffeteria (Gravity, Crocket and Busted Grill).

You should post downtown, there is lots of good terrain and fun to be had – its always an honor to lead, SYITG – Gravity


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