Date: 1-22-21


AO- The Spartan

Pax:  Big Sky, Chinese Downhill, Gravity, Hump Day, Mamba, McFly, Napa, Snickers, and FIVE FNGs – Free Style, Gata, Geechie, John Deere, and Sunnyside.

Week #4 of of the launch of new AO The Spartan at Wilmington Recover Center.  Covid Regs limit outside pax to 8.  Tried to sneak in 9, but got busted.  Sorry about that Small Things.  We met at Family Dollar then drove our caravan in.  Check temps, sign in, it’s 1445, let’s go.

There is no way to overstate the impact this workout had on the 8 pax who went in.  We came to give the gift of F3 away.  We received So, Much, More.  But, can’t get too heavy here in the intro.  Catch it in the mole skin.  The pax are here for a beatdown!

Sunny day.  Mid 50s.  Mamba is waiting for us with 4 fngs, ready for his 2nd F3 beatdown.  Dude!  One of the pax has slides on.  McFly breaks out some nice shoes, and he is in business.

Shared small story of F3, and five core principles.


SSH IC x 20

Gravel pickers IC x 15

Imperial walkers IC x 21 

Atlas shrugs IC x 30

Tha Thang-


Doing 10 dead stop merkins, mosey the court, 1 squat.  Y’all know the routine.

One of the fngs comes out like a rocket and is killing it.  Unfortunately he was the Challenger.  Crashed and burned, and sneaks out of me.  I chase him down.  Says he’s coming right back.  Stay tuned.  Meanwhile, not sure what Snickers and Chinese Downhill are doing.  NOT 11s. Suppose they are showing the new pax how to mumblechatter.  But low and behold, CD turns the chatter into 2 more pax joining us!  Boom!  The man has a gift.

Next up, all pax on baseline.  Alternate between plank and Al Gore, while one pax at a time runs to the dip bars to do 10 upright rows.  Well done.

Next up, pax stay on baseline.  Alternate between plank and Al Gore, while one pax at a time shoots a basket.  If he misses, we all get 10 merkins.  Make, 5 merkins.  Everyone sucked so bad, yhc had to call Omaha to 10 squats or 5 squats.  PS – yhc made his basket.

Time for 6 minutes of Mary.

All of the seasoned pax took a turn at Mary.  We all got 5 burpees.  Then to close it out, our new pax Mamba, the EH beast, led his first exorcise – LBCs.  We began with 4 FNGs, lost 1, then gained 2 more, for a net of FIVE.  The FNG who left came back after COT.  He’ll be back.


So yhc began COT by explaining what COT was.  These new brothers started sharing like seasoned pro pax.  It was unbelievable.  These guys were so happy we were there, they seemed to get the point of F3 already, and are determined that This time, they are going to get it right.  We told them that all of us are jacked up, and we couldn’t begin to be on the right path without each other.  And now, they are part of us.  John Deere asked to lead us out in prayer.  Dagum!


This might possibly be my longest moleskin ever.  It’s quality stuff though.  It’s Backblast of the week material Circuit Breaker.  Did y’all know Hump Day did Not play BBall at Campbell?  It was football.  That was confirmed today during shoot around.  Napa is now known as bandana guy.  Snickers acquired more F3 gear today.  He just rented a storage unit for this year’s shirts.  Chinese Downhill did more good work today than any of us.  But he didn’t break a sweat.  His chops are sore though.  Did y’all know yhc had a man crush on Big Sky before yhc ever met him.  My 2.0 is in MT, so when yhc saw we named a pax Big Sky, said that is my guy.  The crush has only grown stronger over the years.  We can’t get away from Gravity.  That dude is just everywhere.  In the gloom, Slack, facebook, the paper, podcasts, etc.  How many marketing handlers do you have?

So, yhc posted at the Spartan for the first time last Friday.  Beauty on Q.  First 25 minutes, we only had our 8 pax from outside WTC.  We were headlocking all over the place and we were getting nothing.  Very discouraging.  Then Beauty finds Mamba and he joins us for the last 20.  The young guy is a stud.  He loves bball and Kobe – Mamba.  We hang around and play 3 on 3 after the workout.  Several other men start coming closer while we are playing ball, committing to join us next week.  Mamba schools us.  Then he shares some of his story.  Then he repeatedly thanks Beauty for pushing him to join us.  He HCs for this week.

Fast forward to this week.  Mamba is there with several buddies.  He seems so happy to see us.  All of the FNGs are fully into it from the get go.  It is awesome.  They all want to know more.  What is this F3 thing?  Why?  How?  Where?  There are tears, stories and bonds that seem impossible to happen in 45 minutes.  But that is the gift and magic of F3.  Each of the new pax gets an F3 shirt.  All of them instantly put them on.  Gives me chills typing it right now.

If y’all are blessed enough to go next week, look up Mamba, Free Style, Gata, Geechie, John Deere, and Sunnyside.  My money says that they will be waiting all week to see you.  

Embrace the suck brothers.  The gloom and the afternoon belongs to us.  We were made for a time such as this.

It was an honor and a pleasure.

LETC out


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