EOM’s Birthday Q – Parkour, MonTugaThunder Ray, Charge the Hill and Murder some bunnies.

#f3stingray – 1/22/21

18 PAX – @Magnito, @Chop Shop, @10Count, @Spin Doctor, @Uno, @Sock Puppet, @Ball Bearing, @Geiger, @ATARI, @Red Hots, @Pumpkin Pie Chart, @Cabana Boy, @Goat, @Kielbasa, @Undertaker, @GTA, @Waterboy, @EOM



42…. Well 43 Side Straddle Hops IC

28 Mike Tyson merkins


Throughout the beatdown, when moving from one location to the next we were doing parkour moves over, under, around the implements of the park. Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute style.  I think I saw @Geiger become Spiderman on the fence at one point. And I saw a Popeye hill click a time or two.  (I see you @Cabana Boy).

2 round of the following:

28 Merkins or 42 dips – choose your poison

Rotate to 42 Side to side Werkins

@Magnito dropped some wisdom on us – Take a pause before you speak.  It keeps you out of all sorts of trouble

@Goat as well said – “You never have to apologize for something you didn’t say.”


Parkoured our way to the bathrooms near the dog park, where we placed our balls on the wall for a 5 count per pax.

Parkoured to the speedbumps for sideways shuffle between speedbumps

Lunge walk to the next speed bump.

This is where we found ourselves in a place where we are very frequently, but often overlook the adventure.  We forged the hills to the right and to the left and became king of the mountain.  Sometimes you just have to do something that has been there all along, but you often overlook. Break the monotony.  Charge the hill.  

And so we did!

Kings of the Hill!

Parkoured our way to the Football field for a dose of Murder Bunnies, High Planks, low planks, Al Gore, Lunge holds. 

Hopped the fence, parkour style….of course.  Then we barrel rolled or forward rolled our way the 15 yards to the parking lot. Let’s just say, we all got up dizzy from this little adventure.



  • It’s my Birthday.  I’m 28….
  • 4 MonTugaThunder Rays were born today.  @10count (the OG), @ChopShop, @Geiger, and yours truly
  • It’s my Birthday.  I’m 42….
  • The City of Wilmington is looking to invest over $600,000 to the Eden Village Project.  Heck Yeah!!!!
  • It’s my Birthday.  Wait, is it 28 or 42 (How I feel vs. my chronological age)
  • Habitat for Humanity has reached out asking for some assistance with a project on February 27 from the Cape Fear F3 HIMs.  Stay tuned for more details.  There will be some info they will need to gather from each Pax ahead of time.  Look for the details.
  • Oh, I almost forgot to mention this. Silly meeeeee. IT’S MY BIRTHDAY.  #seniormoments


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