Break Point(s) not Spirits

January 21st, 2001 – 5:30AM EST
Location: 34.2210° N, 77.9032° W (Empie Park) Break Point
Weather: A clear 35 degrees with a slight breeze (star gazers may be in our future)

Q In Charge: Big Sky
PAX: Goat (R), Last, Gump, Trident (FNG), Morpheus (R), Killbossa (FNG)

As I arrived to the AO after a leisurely 1 mile ruck, I came upon Goat trying to pull his bumper off his truck. I always see this, and I often wonder why he wants to remove the bumper. Then a new face was there looking for someone named Jared. Jared? What a dumb F3 name. Yeah we don’t know anyone named Jared. Before I knew it 5:30AM was upon us and it was time to start.

The 6th core principle of F3 is to start all workouts with SSH. So we did just that.
20 SSH – IC
10 Pavement Ticklers – IN. While doing this, I pondered what we should call Pavement Ticklers while doing them in the Cotton Exchange Parking Lot. Deep Thoughts.
Next I introduced the Plank-Pike-Merkins. We did 10 IC.

Start the music and exit the AO. We moseyed at a Big Sky pace over to the parking lot next to the playground.

25 – Cherry Bombs
10 – Burpees
Run around the exterior of the parking lot
25 – Squats
10 – Burpees
Run around the exterior of the parking lot
25 – Merkins
10 – Burpees
Run around the exterior of the parking lot
***What is this, Gump arrived. Why was Gump Late? Gump recently got a boyfriend blanket and had a hard time getting out of bed. Last chimed in and agreed that a boyfriend blanket is the best thing ever and everyone should have one because it is something you didn’t know you needed.
25 – Big Boys
10 – Burpees
Run around the exterior of the parking lot
25 – Lunges (each leg)
10 – Burpees
Run around the exterior of the parking lot

We Moseyed about 20 feet into the big tennis court. After catching our breath from our run we partnered up for PARTENER SUICIDES….
As one partner did a 2 court shuttle run the other partner did an exercise. We did this twice and then switched to another exercise. You know, for verity.
1. SSH
2. LBC
3. Shoulder Taps
****FNG Killbossa looks at me and says “This is Fun”… What?
4. Mountian Climbers
5. American Hammers ( and this is when Goat turned up the heat and was out sprinting anyone and everyone) WHO’S GOATAVATED???
6. HR Merkins

Led by Morpheus we ran the long way home to the AO. I apologized to Last for the lack in judgement.
When we arrived to the AO we did 22 Merkins for those veterans that take their lives each day.

Name-o-rama’: We named our new FNG’s – Trident & Killbossa

Prayers for Gump as he is working his tail off.
Prayers for Goat as he gets the vaccine.
Prayers for Blueberry
Thank you Lord for bringing us two new FNG’s to join our brotherhood.

Big Sky – out


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