I just called to say I love you

date: January 14, 2021

AO: Cool Runnings

QIC: Wapner

Pax (14): Uglystik, Trump, Pixel Pusher, Hoveround, Dino, Wapner, Gravity, Hush Money, Flight Nurse, Wahlberger, Hey Man, Kryptonite, Banjo, Beauty and 3 K9.0s.

Warm-o-rama: SSH x 20 IC, Gravel pickers x 10 IC, toy soldier x 10

The Thang: We ran from LLP to Break Point to tell those pax that we love them. Then we ran back to LLP. Dino led us through some protractor and Flight Nurse helped us get in our 22 Merkins.

COT: Please lift up blueberry, seahorse, and the entire Scott family in your prayers. Lift up Vogue as he continues to run with his HIM status by going to Georgia to take care of his uncle who’s been directly exposed to covid. Don’t miss out on the F2 Friday night at Wrightsville Beach brewery under the Big oak. Dredd, slaughter, and some other pax will be there starting at 17:30. Don’t forget Baywatch on Saturday, where Dredd will pass the torch. Coffeteria and the work day at Eden Village follow directly thereafter.


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