Wheel of Destiny!

Wheel of Destiny!

AO: Wake n Bake
QIC: BabyBack
EC PAX: GTA, Smuckers, YHC
# of PAX: 6
PAX: GTA, Smuckers, Dixie Chick, Tank, Duckboat

Warm A Rama

Goofballs X 25 IC
Windmills (nice and sloooow) X 10 IC
Copperhead Squats X 12 IC
Indian Run to stage pavilion at WB Park

The Thang

Aiken Legs – 10 minute AMRAP
10 Box Jumps (or step-ups if modifying)
10 Lunges each leg
20 Squats
20 Bonnie Blairs (single count)
Rinse, Repeat for 10 minutes.
I think all the PAX got in 3 rounds and change! Strong work!

Wheel of Destiny – at basketball courts

Start in the middle of the courts, Bear Crawl to a point on the perimeter for an exercise Mosey back to the middle for 5 Burpees. Bear Crawl to the next point on the perimeter for another exercise, rinse repeat.

The 6 perimeter points were the corners and the two sides between the courts:
20 Merkins
20 Carolina Dry Docks
20 Raggedy Annes (double count)
20 Squats
20 Diamond Merkins
20 Big Boy Situps

After the first round, YHC reduced reps to 10. All PAX completed 2 rounds! Mumblechatter included pax saying this reminded them of the IPC, which I’ll take as a complement! This was harder than I thought it would be and I had regret, which is a sign of a good beatdown!

Mosey back to flag for COT:

Duckboat joined us at COT as he was delayed and went to look for us on the beach and went on a run.

Shoutout to GTA and Smuckers for running EC with me and shoutout to Smuckers who is going for the 7 in 7 board this week!

Prayers for healing for our nation and for the Lord to strengthen us to be the men He’s created us to be in our families and community.

It was an honor to lead these HIM this morning!

BabyBack OUT!!


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