Check it off BG 1-13

AO: Battleground

Date: 1-13

Pax: mr t, scantron, brackish, southie, Bambi, Kramer, kix, sooner, flight nurse, feefee, allmonjoy, old crow, steak knives, Napa, ugly stick, hover round, seahorse, dumbledore, ripcurl, dogwood, pixlepusher, crocket, flying wasp, toto, walburgher, tiny dancer, trump, hushmoney, letc

QIC: Special K

Warm O Rama

1 side straddle hop ic

1 gravel picker ic

1 arm circle ic

1 burpee

Bear crawl to shed

Wall sit- hold while pax air press around shed area for 10 count clap.

Bearcrawl back to AO

The Thang:

*listened to the last COT podcast, OBT recommended trying it. Seemed like a good idea so gave it a shot today.


MLK battle of the bridge Monday

Poker run next week

Eden villiage Saturday

Bradley creek Tuesday’s- starting Feb 2

Cookie run day- Monday’s at Bellamy

Patchouli auction for eden village going on

Prayers to School board and decisions

Prayers to my family members recovering post surgery

Thanks to all the pax that came out to give this workout a shot! Great to see y’all this am in a foggy, humid, 39 degree gloom!



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