TorTueGa Tuesday 1.12.21

AO: TORTUEGA TUESDAY – Stingray – Ogden Park

CONDITIONS: 43 with Spotty Rain. It was almost like mother nature knew there was a big football game the night before and wanted us to stay in the fart-sack. Sorry mother nature, not this time!

QIC: HumpDay

PAX: (10) Gen-X, 10-Count, Kramer, Steak-Knives, Geiger, Munter, Dumbledore, Napa, Wahlburger, HumpDay

Pebble Pickers x15 IC
Monkey Humpers Slow x15 IC
SSH x25 IC
Toy Soldiers x10 IC, but it didn’t work so we did OYO!

Mosey to Pond, starting point

Runners (Partner up)
P1 Runs 1 mile at a fast pace for time.
P2 keeps time for P1 if possible. While P1 is running, P2 runs at a good pace for laps around the pond. Each lap, do your choice of exercise.
P1 stay busy until your P gets back to starting line. Once both are at starting line, P2 will run their mile FAST for time. P1 now does Pond laps and exercises
Both P will run 2 mile laps, and about the same in laps around the pond. Everyone should have just about 4 miles or a little less.

Ruckers – Only 2 of us so we just Rucked 2 miles, stopping after each mile to do x20 Ruck Squats, Merkins, and Ruck Presses.

COT: Not going to lie, when I signed up to Q today, I didn’t realize the CFB Natl. Championship was the night before. Nonetheless, it was great motivation to get me out of the fartsack this morning! Still sore from Dumbledore’s Mamba beatdown, I layered up and slowly made the trek through the rain to Ogden park. Some great mumble chatter for Dumbledore and I rucking, and although I didn’t get to catch up to the runners, I hope y’all had a good time as well! Announcements included the reminder again for the Baywatch convergence, and coffeeteria with fence building at Eden village. There are 2 new AO’s launching soon, Gatorhole for another run day and a Coupon heavy weight day for the Mambas. As always, we ended with prayer and thanks for another opportunity to get out of bed this morning and get the blood flowing. Thankful for an opportunity to lead!



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