The “Keg-vayor Belt”

Date: 1/11/2021
AO: Heavy Metal Monday (Long Leaf Park)
PAX: Sock Puppet, Atari, Bait & Switch, Big Sky, GOAT, Jiffy Pop, Top Cheddar, Hey-Mon, Pixel Pusher, Seahorse, Fuller Brush, Money Trail, Mayhem, Green Thumb, Overdraft, Toto, Beauty, 8 Penny, & YHC
QIC: HushPuppy
The mission of F3 is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.
1. Workouts are always free
2. Are open to all men
3. Held outdoors (or Virtual during a pandemic), rain or shine, heat or cold
4. Lead by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification needed. 
5. End with a COT

Jack Frost was definitely out early this morning! Boy was it chilly!!! YHC woke up, let the dog out, and contemplated himself whether to post or not……. Extra layers were applied to the body and teeth gritted as I warmed up my truck thinking about how much this cold sucked. But being fully MOTIVATED, YHC made my way to LLP for a beatdown at Heavy Metal Monday; truck bed full of coupons ready to be lifted up & put down in various ways.

Upon arrival, GOAT had the kettlebells ready to be set out. YHC unloaded the F3 kegs and cinder blocks. Slowly the rest of the PAX made their way to the AO. Before long we realized that there was a decent number in attendance for today! We began our Warm-O-Rama with the hopes to warm our bodies quickly. Our Nant’an Beauty rolled in approximately 3 minutes late (as usual), his jeep flying into the LLP parking lot like he had stole something. We even realized that the studly 8-Penny had made his return to the gloom this morning! Welcome back brother!


SSH x 20: In Cadence

Pebble Pickers x 15: In Candence

Bat Wings: Arm Circles Forwards, Backwards, Seal Claps, & Raise the Roof x 10 each: In Cadence. Arms stayed up the whole set.

THANG: The Keg-vayor Belt

PAX were then instructed to select 1 coupon from the gaggle that was piled up before them. They were to be placed in a long single file line down the parking lot, alternating coupon types in between them. The PAX stood behind their selected coupon, ready to lift them up and put them back down.

PAX were to preform one of two suggested exercises at each coupon. Work time was 1 minute. EMOM a timer would sound that would notify PAX to moved down the line to the next coupon to the left. PAX at the end of the Line would mosey down the start of the line.

Keg Exercises: Keg Squats & Deadlifts

Kettlebell Exercises: Curls for the Girls & Tricep Extensions

Cinder Block Exercises: Bent over Rows & Shoulder Press

Other exercises could be chosen or modified at any coupon. PAX were just instructed to work in slow and controlled movements. 1 minute was a long time to do repeated lifts with no real break in-between!

As the THANG began, the PAX were greeted with an assortment of tunes that were provided by YHC from my Thursday Thunder Playlist. The tunes seemed to even further motivate the PAX! This beatdown not only sucked as time went on, but it also was a great opportunity to get to know the PAX in line with you even better. Beauty and Fuller Brush had amazing mumblechatter throughout the workout, which was a joy to listen in on.

We reached a point in the beatdown where either the PAX were tired of doing the same exercises, or just plain tired. Modification and various new lifts/exercises were being completed all up and down the line. YHC’s personal favorite was watching Seahorse march up and down the parking lot with a keg on his shoulder. Top Cheddar and myself were wondering where he was going at one point. Atari saw Jiffy Pop crushing some chest press with a coupon and immediately tattle-tailed, saying those were not the specified workouts. Jiffy Pop then tattle-tailed on YHC saying he saw the Q himself doing other exercise. Atari quickly threw some friendly shade YHC’s way. YHC laughed, and yelled to modify as needed!

With 5 minutes left in the workout. Time was called, and the gaggle of coupons were returned to their rightful truck bed. But YHC was not done bringing the pain yet. it was time for the………………..

FINISHER: Alligator Crawls

The PAX circle up back at the AO and all got down into high plank position. Upon the Q’s call of LEFT or RIGHT; all PAX would plank walk 5 steps in that direction. After the 5 steps, a merkin was to be completed. This brought a large bit of “grumblechatter” throughout the PAX. Big Sky was not convinced that Alligator’s crawled in this manner. Many PAX decided to take breaks by laying on the ice-cold concrete throughout. YHC very much enjoyed hearing all the suck and pain that was thrown out. 0615 hit the watch and RECOVER was called.


What an absolute treat to have one of the STUDLIEST OF STUDS 8-Penny back out in the gloom. Continued prayers for his recovery from some troublesome shin-splints. Nant’an Beauty quickly reminded all the PAX the F3 Cape Fear Advisory Council Meeting was tonight! 6:30 @ Wrightsville Beach Brewery. YHC followed up by reminding the PAX was very much more than a workout. Tonight would be a great opportunity to come find out all the things happening in our region as well as have some fellowship with F3 brothers. We ALSO have convergence this Saturday @ Baywatch!!!!! The big wigs from F3 Nation will be in town to pass on leadership. Gravity will be on the Q, so expect an epic beatdown that won’t be easy. Coffeteria will follow as well as a service day @ Eden Village. Finally, we made sure to check in with Seahorse on how his 2.0 Blueberry was doing on her recovery. He said that she was to start new medication today! A huge blessing!

Prayer closed out the morning with an emphasis on The Lord knowing each of our prayers and needs, whether we voice them or not!

Big Sky hosted Coffeteria afterwards under the pavilion. Much great conversation about how we all have foot problems and need special shoes and treatment. Luckily Pixel Pusher was there to hand out wisdom.

HushPuppy Over-&-Out!!!!!


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