We got NO moves like Jagger !

Stingray – 12/28/20

PAX – Uno, Kamikaze, Closer, Spin Doctor, Ball Bearing, 10 Count, Geiger, Spencer pup, EOM

Q in Charge – NOT JAGGER (EOM)

Warm-A- Rama –

15 Bonnie Blairs

15 Pebble pickers (aka – Daisy pickers, tippy tap taps, Peter Piper picked a pebble pickers, cotton pickers, whatever you want to call it pickers)

7 LBACs – Why 7, just because.


Parking lot tracers

Split into 2 groups, Group 1 serves as the timer, as they run to the opposite end of the parking log and do 30 reps of Mary. Groups 2 does AMRAP Sloshy Keg Bench presses. Gotta work those chesticles. Gotta get those pecker muscles strong. Once every pax had the opportunity of choosing a Mary exercise, we moseyed to the bleachers

30 sliding groiners

30 merkins

2 rounds of up, down, and around the bleachers.

2 rounds of up, down, and around the bleachers, however this time the lateral movements down the length of the bleachers was with a side shuffle.

Mosey back to the kegs

Group 1 was the timer with 20 reps of all things legs

Group 2 rotated between AMRAPs of Bent over rows, power clings, overhead press, curls, reverse grip chin pulls (I guess that what I’ll call them)


Announcements – January 16th – Dredd will be here to lead the convergence at Baywatch followed by Eden Project where teams of 3 will help build the pickets for the fences going up.

Prayer requests –

Pray for Lucy – Closer’s friend who has come out a couple of times. Lucy has lost 7 of his Marine Combat buddies to suicide in the last year.

EOM’s Brother – In – Law “Lee”, with his cancer treatments and Family dynamics.

Closer’s wife to continue to heal from surgery.

EOM out. Jagger, we hope to see you again soon. Gotta wake those Zaggazetta’s up with Side straddle hops in the fart sack. Next time this happens we’re running by your house to do monkey humpers in front of your Ring doorbell.


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